#hackmakethebank:A Serious Commercial Opportunity

We are very excited!

Co-creation and engagement

Just before Xmas we asked you for feedback on the Ulster Bank website as part of getting more businesses involved in helping the bank become the best they can be and create an environment of co-creation and engagement. That was a big success.

Hackathon explained

Now Ulster Bank has now gone even further with the organisation of a hackathon. Liam Moran explains what that means:

Serious commercial opportunity

The magic is about 50 seconds into the video. The intent is to commercialise the ideas from the hackathon that are interesting enough. With Ulster Bank as the first customer.  With the winner getting embedded within Ulster Bank, with access to the Ulster Bank ecosystem, expertise, connections and senior staff. That is an opportunity this is not the be sniffed at.

Other prices

You can also win other prices (drones, cameras, headphones, etc.), but the real prize is the business opportunity.

Sign up

If you are interested, sign up here for Dubin and here for Belfast.

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Want to create a new App or idea that could form the ‘next big service’ for banking?

A ‘hackathon’ is a creative marathon of brainstorming and software creation in which the prototypes of mobile and web applications are quickly ‘hacked’ together by small teams of software engineers, designers and other innovators.

Ulster Bank together with the Open Bank Project invites you to the 8th edition of Hack (Make!) The Bank which will be held from January 30th to February 1st at the NDRC in Dublin and 13 t0 15 February in The Mac in Belfast

Hack (Make!) the Bank is a global series of Fin Tech Hackathons which are dedicated to realising tomorrow’s banking and financial solutions. This hackathon will bring together programmers, designers and members of the financial services industry to debate, design, code and pitch ideas on themes related to the challenges set below.

Sign up here for Dubin and here for Belfast

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Cabana cafe, 47 years of hospitality

Cabana Café

Every week we feature companies that have been successful in accessing funding from Microfinance Ireland.

Microfinance Ireland provides loans to small businesses and startups in every sector up to 25,000 Euro. If you are interested in funding, check out the website www.microfinanceireland.ie

47 years of hospitality

Cabana Café opened in November 2012. They are a husband and wife team who between them have over 47 years’ experience in the hospitality sector. Their ethos is simple; they prepare and cook their food in house, every day. They focus on providing quality service, great food, convenience and value for money to their customers.

Open every day

Whether you are hungry for a hearty meal, a great sandwich or just want a cup of coffee and a homemade sweet, Cabana is open all day every day.

Corporate catering

Not only can you drop in, they do corporate catering as well. They cater for all your meetings, be it breakfast meetings, working lunches, training courses and much, much more. They offer platters made from the finest ingredients and use a variety of artisan breads to make their sandwiches even more appealing. Their catering menus are designed with each customer in mind whether it is dietary requirements, low calorie options or any other needs.


They are located just off the Kylemore Road, on the Old Naas Road in Dublin 12 and have ample free car parking outside.

You can visit their website http://www.cabana.ie/ or say hi on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thecabanacafe

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Paula Brady, Ulster Bank, triage nurse and referee

We have been working with Ulster Bank for 6 years now. It has always struck us that the perception of bankers from the outside, does not correspond with our experiences. In fact Ulster Bank is filled with cool dudes and dudettes, who have a very interesting stories to tell.

Business manager

So we decided to put them on video. Here is the next in our series, featuring Paula Brady. She works with senior management, helping them to manage their workflow and maximise productivity. She describes it as triage, which is not a bad description.

International soccer referee

Apart from being successful in Ulster Bank, Paula Brady is also a successful international FIFA and UEFA soccer referee. She referees the Irish Premier League, but also Champions League and internationals. She is one of only two women referees in Ireland. A big part of that is fitness and training. Lots of travelling too.

Her business tip

With Paula’s background in refereeing you will not be surprised by her business tip:


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