Talking the pain out of payroll

Mark Ogilvie and Claire Brennan are the founders of Parolla, a payroll software designed to meet the demands of PAYE modernisation and GDPR.
What are your backgrounds?
Mark is a mechanical engineer who previously led a team of 60 staff across four offices in New Zealand on large engineering design building projects.
My history is in finance generally in the corporate space. I worked for Computershare in Dublin as their corporate actions manager in the early 2000s, and after moving to New Zealand in 2004, I worked as a senior currency dealer to large corporate clients of an NZ bank for nine years. Mark is a Kiwi, and we returned to my native Tramore, Co Waterford four years ago. Mark has been writing software as well as being a consultant engineer during our time here while I went back to college to complete a masters in global financial information systems.
“PAYE modernisation is the most significant overhaul of the PAYE system since the 1960s.”
Why did you decide to start Parolla?
On returning to Ireland and using the Xero accounting software, we realised that the offering that there was no Ireland specific payroll software that integrated with Xero. Also, with PAYE Modernisation on the horizon, we saw an opportunity.
What is PAYE Modernisation?
PAYE modernisation is the most significant overhaul of the PAYE system since the 1960s. Revenue aims to provide a more user-friendly, accurate and time efficient system not only for themselves but for employers and all taxpayers. All current P forms (P30, P45, P60) are to be removed. The current P2C form is to be replaced with a Revenue Payroll Notification’s (RPN) from January 2019.
You say: ‘Parolla is a software that makes pay roles and related accounting much simpler for SMEs and the accountancy firms running pay roles (and using Xero) for SMEs.’ How does it

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