Five Ways to Grow Your Business

With your competition never giving you a break, it’s important to build and maintain your market share. Here are five ways to grow your business in the modern business landscape.

Organize the Budget

Making sure that your budget is in order for the next months ahead of time is one of the best ways to ensure that you do not run into any emergencies. Talk with financial experts to make sure that you aren’t missing anything with new hires or taxes. Making these simple money mistakes can be incredibly costly, keeping your business from growing.

Learn Your Competition

There are more ways than ever to monitor your competition. Using social media, review sites and keyword monitoring, you can actually see the holes in your competition’s strategy and respond to them in real time.

Learn to Invest

Investing does not only have to do money, but also with the assets in your office. For instance, if you get a coffee maker, then you save your employees the 15 minutes of having to get coffee in the morning. Some of the top companies in the world supply their employees with lunch, a gym and other amenities so that they never have to leave the premises. You may not have these kinds of funds, but you do have the ability to invest with the funds that you do have. The more that your employees focus on work rather than the little annoyances of life, the more productive that your entire company will be. Invest in things that will allow your employees to focus.

Learn Search Engine Optimization

The major search engines account for over 85% of new business these days. If you are a small business that is looking to grow, you need to make Google, Yahoo and Bing very happy with you. The great thing is that good SEO has more to do with a great marketing program then learning some kind of technical system.

Hire Organized and Experienced Employees

A person who has obtained a Master of Science in Projects online is an example of someone who prioritized learning organizational skills. Look for these types of employees, who are able to direct their efforts and talents. Project managers can really make or break a company, so it’s important to hire right. While education isn’t everything, it is important., and therefore should not be overlooked.

The five tips above will certainly give you a leg up on your competition when it comes to growing your business. However, the best tip anyone can give you for growth is to keep up with the changes in your industry and serve the customer the best that you can.

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How to Make a Business out of Selling Liquidated Merchandise

The commercial landscape seems to be making changes all the time. One business opens its doors while another turns out the lights for good. As businesses come and go, have you ever wondered what happens to all that excess inventory? Instead of wondering where it is being shipped off to and stored, it would sure be nice to know how to get your hands on it. With between 10,000 to 50,000-dollars sitting in the bank, you will potentially have all the capital you need to get into the game of acquiring and reselling liquidated merchandise.

What this essentially means is that you would not be left wondering where all that excess inventory ends up anymore, mostly because it could happen to make its way into your company warehouse. You could be fast on the track to starting and running your own merchandise liquidation business. According to, individuals looking to close shop should inventory, assess, and prepare merchandise for a liquidation process. This means that a savvy reseller could really find huge stores of products inexpensively.

Selling Liquidated Merchandise

If you are interested in selling liquidated merchandise, then you should be aware of a couple of angles to this lucrative business model. The first idea is to actively purchase and resell merchandise that failing businesses are trying to get rid of as quickly as possible. This means you have to do the leg work to figure out who is in the process of liquidating their store and then how to unload the product once you have purchased it. This is not difficult to do if you already have buyers lined up. This means you will want to spend a considerable amount of time developing business-to-business relationships to be able to unload product as quickly as it comes in to your warehouse.

Alternatively, once you have gotten to know other people in this industry doing the same thing, you could forge relationships with other purchasers. In this business approach your goal is to convince these individuals to allow you to resell their stock for them. In this situation, you end up with a constant supply of merchandise. All you have to do is be excellent at reselling the product and collecting a commission for getting the job done. Again, forging relationships with other retailers ready to buy at wholesale prices will help to keep the merchandise moving along.

Offering Drop Shipping Options

Another way to generate orders for merchandise you are attempting to resell is to offer buyers the option to have product drop shipped to their customers. In this scenario, other people are moving your product for you and you do not have to pay any hefty marketing costs. With enough people placing regular orders, you will be able to generate excellent resale rates with minimum advertising efforts on your part. There are numerous online sellers who would rather not have to reship product; consequently, if you take care of all the shipping for them, this makes their life easier. This type of symbiotic relationship is really a win-win for everyone involved.

What Type of Merchandise Should I Purchase

When it comes to purchasing large lots of liquidated merchandise from a commercial source, it is important to steer clear of perishable items. Sometimes merchandise does not resell as quickly as you might hope; consequently, perishables are a huge liability in the merchandise resell industry. Items, such as power tools, appliances, mobile devices from, and other consumer electronics and collectible toys are prime items that you will undoubtedly be able to get top dollar for from eager buyers.

It is important to consider that items that are trendy today may not be all that trendy in a few months or longer. When it comes to trendy items, it is important to have sound judgment. You have to know that you can move these products in a reasonable amount of time to justify the purchase of such items. This can make clothing items, for example, a difficult prospect. That is to say, unless you truly are quite a fashion buff. In such a case, experience will be a priceless commodity.

Selling Your Inventory Direct Online

One of the ways to move product quickly is through a merchandise liquidation website. Direct sales to customers online will provide you with a much larger customer base. In addition, you can break up stock orders into more manageable sizes and charge a bit extra on the shipping for each lot of product being resold.

This can add up and allow you to accumulate substantial profits in a short amount of time. It is important to not overprice entire lots of product, making it accessible to be purchased by other buyers at a perceived discount. Remember, when it comes to liquidating merchandise, it is best to find the price that moves the product fast while still realizing a significant profit. Product that sits on your shelves for too long of a time is generally costing you money as it is taking up valuable warehouse space.

Liquidated assets from commercial businesses are turned out on the open market every day. Those who take the time to identify commercial interests unloading their merchandise stand to have access to product at below wholesale prices. While there are an endless number of buyers ready to acquire this product at or slightly below retail value, this business is intended for the few who take the time to understand how to take advantage of the vast stores of product that are being offered to the highest bidder.

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Small Business Can Workshop

With our recent partnership with The Smart Business Show we are providing you with exclusive discounts to attend the show and also to exhibit. We will also be running a dedicated workshop for our members at the show.

Workshop Title: Panel Discussion SMEs and Public Tendering

SMEs and public tendering, is there any point. Public tendering for SMEs is an issue. The opportunity cost are very high and the chance of success is low. What to do?

This workshop will be a panel discussion on public tendering with a number of experts and SMEs on tendering. Lessons learned, what no to do and the stories of success and failure.


  • A better understanding of public tendering
  • Opportunity to engage with people who have been there and bought the T-shirt


Ross McCarthy
Managing Director at Keystone Procurement
Ross is an entrepreneur, business advisor and strategist that has worked with businesses of all sizes for over 15 years.Ross helps businesses achieve their commercial and organisational objectives and has a particular interest in Procurement, Tendering and Bid Management and Project Management.

Tony Clarke
Owner of Kendlebell Naas
Tony and his team at Kendlebell Naas place a heavy focus on delivering exceptional customer service to each and everyone of their clients whether they are in the SOHO , SME or Multinational sectors.

Tony Corrigan
CEO of TenderScout
Tony is Founder and CEO of TenderScout, a competitive intelligence SaaS that accelerates sales and increases revenues from public procurement competitions. Tony’s background comprises software development, enterprise sales, IT management and procurement consultancy. He started out with IBM and set up his first consultancy company, KOMINO in 2003.

Workshop Moderator

Ron Immink
Co-founder of Small Business Can
Ron was hired by Ulster Bank/RBS to develop, a free and open platform where owner managers can create and share the business knowledge.


Where and When?

Date: 22nd April 2015
Time: 13.30am
Duration: 1 Hours
Location: Workshop 2, RDS, Dublin
You can register for your place below;


Learn more about the Smart Business Show here.

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DCU sustainability hub

Universities can make you more future proof

SME engagement with universities has always been a passion. We think it is underestimated how much universities could add to small business and make them more competitive and future proof.

3 universities in a day

As a result, we have been asked  by KTI and the Dublin Universities to look at how they engage with small businesses and particularly the ones that normally would not look at universities for ideas and support.  We decided to book a bus, try to fill them with owner managers and give them access to 3 universities in one day (16 April). The idea is that this one day will give businesses a flavour of the innovation, research and opportunities that universities have to offer and deliver a informative and interesting day. The day will include a practical information pack,  (non academic) speakers, campus tours and breakfast, lunch and drinks reception. As an outcome we expect that some of the business will start engaging. Part of the follow on of the day, will be us supporting and tracking that engagement.

DCU sustainability hub

For example DCU has a sustainability hub. Here is Stephen Daniels, the head of the sustainability hub talking about some of the research:

The hub drives scientific and social science research, technology development and innovation which supports sustainable development in both industry and the environment. Expertise includes advanced manufacturing, environmental monitoring, water technologies and energy systems.

DCU research aims to discover new science and technologies that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. These discoveries will help companies to design sustainable products and services, miniaturise components, source renewable materials, integrate ICT, reduce the cost of production and transport by using alternative low cost energy resources – resulting in more sustainable businesses. Environmental research is focussing on monitoring and managing renewable resources such as water and developing advanced science and technologies to harness new resources for energy. All interesting business opportunities.

Stephen Daniels

Here is Stephen Daniels, the head of the sustainability hub talking about some of the research


Here is a link to event brite if you want to join us

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QRVO Delivering Your Business Message Better

QRVO, Quick Response Voice Over, is an unusual and yet, simple, piece of technology. The original QR, Quick Response, code, was originally developed by Denso Wave, a Toyota subsidiary, as an industrial function in vehicle assembly operations. The alphanumeric, high capacity barcode, has been re-engineering to now include a professionally recorded voice over, and combined with Analytics, offers an abundance of consumer friendly applications.

The QRVO code, can be scanned with Smart Phones and Mobile Devices. There is not a requirement to log in, no URL, no password, and content is nearly immediately available. The content, text, graphics or video, can be a special offer, directions, event/product details, call to action, voucher, notifications.

QRVO codes are effective from stamp size to 48 sheet poster. The client, those in the advertising, branding and promotional sectors can opt to deploy codes on Business Cards, outgoing mails, voucher, loyalty card conventional publications, signage, and packaging.

Clients can include Analytics to monitor the number of scans, and measure, the success or otherwise of campaigns. While the QRVO code remains intact, the content can be altered remotely to match changing market circumstances.

Varied applications

Applications are both wide and varied. In an effort to assuage the negativity about parking charges, QRVO may offer a partial solution.

QRVO codes can be overprinted on parking tokens. The QRVO code can present special offers, discounts to the hard pressed motorists. The initiative may not be a total panacea, but can offer a different, and more acceptable, value to parking charges.

QRVO also offers an information point for the tourism and trekking sector. Visitors can scan information points and, linked to dedicated web content, can log onto local history, Flora and Fauna, and directions to further places of interest.QRVO information points are available as a multi lingual option.

The QRVO can also be included in or on packaging. Producers can utilize video content on a QRVO code to further enhance product details or production processes.

Customer updates and e-zines can now be included on key rings and that information can be regularly updated. The once humble business card now becomes an information point, where additional product or company details are included in an overprinted card. The fashion sector can embrace effective innovation by including QRVO based video on fashion tips, alternative styles and colours.

Signage/Posters can offer text, graphic or video enhancement of the company or its products/events.


QRVO clients simply submit the required voice over content and suitable web link or graphic. Our design team will revert with a proof and seek final client confirmation. The finished product is presented in a print ready format. QRVO is non-intrusive, does not require user details and does not impact on data protection requirements.

The original QR code was developed by Denso Wave, Toyota. The current QRVO code was developed in Mayo, to include a professional voice over and added Analytics.

Developer John Moran says “In developing the QRVO code, we looked to Image, Impact, Information and Innovation. We believe we now have a product to meet the criteria. Smart Phones and iPads have in built scan facilities. Users do not require high skill levels. The professionally recorded voice over is consumer friendly. The client has the option to change content and to monitor the effectiveness of the campaigns. QRVO codes can provide a cost and operationally effective information channel.QRVO campaigns can also incorporate Social Networks as an added impact This development has evolved after much trial and error over the past number of years.” QRVO is designed to deliver YOUR business message BETTER.

To see how your company can avail of a free QRVO audit, please forward details to

Witten by John Moran | QRVO Business Development 087 25 27 407. As part of ‘Use SBC as a channel initiative, QRVO has a special 10% discount on Standard QRVO orders to SBC members and readers.

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Top 5 Tips on Negotiating Your Commercial Real Estate Purchase

Most people consider commercial real estate investments and negotiating for property to be tricky business.

So you’ve started your own business and are looking to buy a decent office space at a reasonable price?

I’m sure you would agree if I said that there are very few things that feel better than earning a great bargain. And if that bargain involves landing a hot piece of real estate at a posh location at rock-bottom price, you’ll surely be in seventh heaven.

The trick to bagging a great deal lies in the art of negotiating. Of course, there is a world of a difference between negotiation and effective negotiation.

Most people consider real estate investments and negotiating for property, especially a commercial one, to be tricky business. That’s usually because there is so much to consider.

Factors such as the selling and the market price of the asset, the tenancy, the leasing terms and so on, would make anyone nervous about proceeding ahead. However, you can turn all these elements into opportunities to negotiate a better deal.

This post presents a few tips on the things to consider when working through the complicated web of negotiations and using them to achieve not only a lower price, but also better purchase terms.

  1. Be Aware of the Current Market Trends

Staying abreast of the current local market will make you confident when meeting with the seller/developer. Before you take him to the negotiating table, do a thorough research of the market trends by scanning through similar properties in the area and finding out their prices.

You should also be aware of the period for which the property has been up for sale. If office spaces within a commercial project have remained unsold for a prolonged period of time, the builder will be keen to strike a deal.

Do not be in a hurry and analyze the prices well. Find out what the initial price was and enquire about the current price trends from local brokers, who will be able to give you an idea of how much you can get knocked off. Getting in touch with an existing customer of the builder should get you the real picture of what you can expect from the builder.

Remember, knowledge of the cash-flow situation of the builder as well as the numbers of pending units are the two factors that can play a major role in the negotiation process. Developers who are cash-strapped and have a large unsold inventory will prefer to make the sale to generate cash.

  1. Making an Offer

Developers tend to offer discounts only when they feel that the buyer is serious. Hence, once you get an idea of the discount, make an offer and let him know that you’re looking to buy quickly.

Spare some time to check out other similar properties in the locality and let their developers know you’re looking to buy and will close if you get a good deal so they can offer you their best prices.

Once you’re equipped with the quotes, let the developers know your offer. Make it known to them even if you aren’t sure of its acceptance. Some developers refrain from beginning the negotiation till customers give an offer.

If the sales figures in the area have been heading south and there are large number of available and unsold properties, bring it to the developer’s notice. Selling at lower prices can work in his favor as it will save him the funding cost and procure cash for new projects.

  1. Money Talks

Developers are more responsive to those who can convince them that the cash to buy the property is ready and an upfront payment can be expected.

It makes sense to go for a pre-approved loan and show the related documents to the developer to prove that you’re serious about the deal, which will make him pro-negotiation.

Additionally, if you have excess funds to make a down payment, you can do so and negotiate for further price reductions.

  1. Using Arbitrators

If you feel you haven’t been able to do enough research, or are not sure about the trends in the property market and the projects in your preferred area, you can take the help of a real estate broker. A good broker can crack the deal for you, but his services will come at a cost, which makes it all the more important for him to add value to the buying process.

However, even when approaching developers through brokers, do make it a point to do your homework and price enquiries. This way you can be sure that the broker is working with your best interests in mind, instead of trying to earn a fat commission by quoting higher.

You can also look up a few property websites and check out the packages on offer by several builders, which may include a discount. However, more often than not, such packages do not offer room for further negotiation.

You could also consider combining forces with other prospective buyers as that will help you negotiate better.

  1. Offer a Realistic Price

Whichever method you choose to bring the seller to the table, do negotiate for a rational and realistic price. While they will be willing to negotiate with you, they will not reduce the prices below a certain point. In fact, they’re more likely to offer incentives such as free club memberships, or family trips, etc.

Most developers do not like to bargain, so be prepared to put forth all your points in a single offer and place the ball in their court. If they do not reduce the prices, let them know you will take some time to evaluate their offer and then decide.

Do not rush into the best deal offered to you. Wait for a week or two and don’t be surprised if you hear from developers keen on closing the deal at your price or a mutually agreed-upon lower price.


Buying real estate may be one of the biggest financial commitments you will make. It is, therefore, important for you to fortify your position and have the upper hand in the buying process. This can be done through negotiation. Having strong negotiation skills and using them tactfully can go a long way in helping you secure a property in a way that is more feasible for you, which will not only save you money upfront, but the consequent interest payments as well.

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Female High Fliers Programme

The Female High Fliers Programme is an accelerator programme for female led startups which will specifically address the challenges facing female entrepreneurs.  Supported by Enterprise Ireland, this programme will fast track female entrepreneurs, their leadership skills and their businesses. It will include a comprehensive programme of workshops, bespoke mentoring and excellent networking opportunities.

All participants need to be prepared to work intensively on their business during the 13 week programme (1 day per week – Tuesday’s), which ends with a DEMO Day at which each company will pitch to a network of investors, mentors and corporates.

Who Can Apply? 

  • Female founders of startups which are less than 5 years old.
  • Individuals and teams (max 3 people) may apply.
  • The company must be female led.

To be selected your company must have excellent:

  • Growth Potential
  • Export Potential

Apply now:  CLICK HERE

For further information: CLICK HERE or call (01) 7006762.

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Creative Offline Marketing Ideas for Retailers

Offline marketing is all the activities that you can think of, from poster campaigns to handing out leaflets on the street, direct mail, outdoor banner stands and other printed kind of media. Many people wrongly assume that in the digital age, offline marketing has had its day. Let’s take a look at some more offline marketing ideas and how you can use them to promote your business.

The digital age and online marketing are no doubt important. But, putting offline marketing out to pasture could mean that you are missing a beat. Rather than assuming that everyone is online, why not assume that offline and online marketing combined, can be a powerful force for your business.

With this in mind, business owners look at their offline marketing plans and actions; what they see if the ‘same-old, same-old’ of activities. The time has come to add some pizzazz to offline marketing… try these creative ideas:

Shift the focus from selling to customers

Many businesses assume that they need to sell, sell, sell to every customer that crosses their threshold or sends an email enquiry but, by focusing too much on selling, you are losing the customer in the mix.

Offline marketing offer several ways to regain this important but lost ground:

  • Membership packages

Many small businesses assume that these are only for the ‘big boys’ but there is nothing stopping you from developing a membership package. If you have the type of product that can be bought on a monthly or frequent basis, why not create a better and more enticing product for repeat customers? There are many examples of small businesses creating successful membership scheme…

  • Special events

More and more retail and business experts are suggesting that shopping is no longer a single activity; creating an events is a way of revitalising the high street and creating an event at your business is a great way of bringing people in. Be careful that this doesn’t just become a selling forum, make sure you are demonstrating or being informative too.

  • In-store scavenger hunts

Print off gift vouchers or ‘golden tickets’ and hide so many in store on a given day (pick your slowest day), and invite customers to find them. You can release so many per hour and have a range of tantalising offers…

  • Party fun!

Not for the faint hearted but, having an event that is not linked to anything other than to have fun, and introduce prospective new customers to your business, a ‘party’ or themed event is a great way to do it. If you have the budget, you can really push the boat out, with cartoonists on hand, butlers with bubbles and all sorts… invite only (which need to be professionally printed, with logo and money off coupon!)

Hone your demographics

Knowing who your customers are is important but, this can mean that we neglect other groups of customers who actually may like to buy our products. For this reason, take some time over your offline marketing to pinpoint certain customers;

The grey pound

This may or may not be a pleasant term for those of a certain age, but it is becoming apparent here in the UK, that the older customer has the cash that so many businesses are chasing.

The older demographic however, are rarely marketed to but they are also savvy shoppers too, so don’t assume that they will be sucked in with rubbish deals that get them nowhere. It also doesn’t mean that you have to patronise them either… so take care that graphics, photos and language are not alienating this important shopping group.

The green pound

But, there is another marketing strand in the ring that has been shown to be successful with some groups; highlighting how your business is eco-friendly seems to be one way of harnessing people’s attention.

For example, making it clear you only print on recycled paper, your bags are made from recycled materials etc. and telling people about these eco-credentials has started to work as a one marketing hook. People like to feel good when they shop; they prefer taking their custom to a business that has values and it seems that green credentials is one of them!

But, what about competing with the BIG brands?

It can be tough on the high street. Competing with big, powerful brands who seem to have a huge marketing budget, constantly pushes your store in to the shade. It can be easy to become disheartened but there are small business and stores out there who are thriving… and their secret? Concentrate on the customer, not ‘just’ the selling.

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Kickstarting Your Home-Based Business

Nowadays, doing business from your home is not so rare thing to see as it was few years back. Pros and cons for this type of work are numerous, but people turn to it quite often, which shows us that it is something worth thinking about. If you are sick and tired of losing several hours for being stuck in a traffic jam on the road to and from work, then this is something you need to look upon carefully. In this article I will list several home-based business tips on what you need to pay attention to, if you wish to move the office to your home.

The idea

The very first thing you will need on order to start your business, is of course, your desired field of work. There are two ways for you to take, depending on your situation and preferences. You can either ask our employer if you can work from home, of course under the condition that you like your current job, and you wish to stick to it. On the other hand, if you wish to begin from the bottom, and move to the top, you will probably want to start your own business. All you need to do is to take a sheet of paper, and to write down all the things you are good at. Don’t miss anything, so you should cover your talents, skills and feats, and in that way you will get a close image about your future job. Next thing which should be taken into consideration is it possible to perform such job from your home. What is it good for you if you cannot do that kind of work from your living room?

Additional services

Naturally, not all the work can be done by you. You need to think about whether are you going to need additional help? If you are good with numbers, that is an excellent feature to possess, for you can regulate taxes, incomes and outcomes, and everything else that comes with this business. On the other hand, if you are not that good with keeping the bills clean, you might consider hiring someone, and do it so online. Numerous services offer their help at moderate price, so you can be free from worries on that side. Also, the Internet is your ally here, for you can also choose from wide plethora of business-oriented cloud services, in order to reduce the amount of paper stocked in your room. Skype and other free-to-use contacting services will be additional benefit, for you can make a conference call in no time, all of that from your living room.

Setting up the office

You will need some secluded space on this one, so it is of utmost importance that you have the space required. A part of a living room, separated by mobile, moving screens would do the trick, for in most of the cases, you will need room for a desk and maybe an office cabinet. Of course, computer or a laptop is an essential asset, something you cannot work without, so think whether you are going to use an existing one, or to invest a bit, and obtain the one you will be using for work strictly. Also, your working space must be set up in a way that nothing will distract you. Remember, when you are at work, you are right there, not in your living room. This is a hard thing to do for some people, and in time their business suffers and dies out. Avoid this trap. It would be wise also to invest a bit in your safety field, and to purchase one of those office safes, in order to store your important documents, licenses and other things. Not only for safety, many of those are fire resistant, so if the disaster happens, your most important data will survive without a scratch.

So, when everything said is taken into consideration, go through this article once more, and see if this kind of work is suitable for you. If the answer is positive, all that is left is to register your office/company, set up a web-site, and start working. On the other hand, if you are not sure how the things will work, maybe it would be wise to give yourself some time to think. After all, if you are uncertain and unsure, you can hardly succeed. Sheer determination is crucial.

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Ulster Bank host the 4th IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event

The 4th IDA/Ulster Bank “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event took place in Ulster Bank, George’s Quay on Thursday evening, 19th March 2015. The event was a great success, driven by the strong attendance from a large number of innovative companies. Each of these companies has one thing in common – they have chosen Ireland as their investment location of choice.

The theme for the evening was Go Green Gathering, which brought some festive atmosphere in celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

There was a real buzz in the room as the event delivered traditional Irish music and served up staple Irish foods, as each of these young vibrant companies mingled, networked and exchanged ideas.

The IDA Emerging Business Division

The event is an IDA initiative, hosted by Ulster Bank, and it is a testament to the tremendous work of the IDA Emerging Business Division.

The IDA has successfully supported a large number of multinational companies with their expansion into Ireland, many of which are based in Dublin. The event allows companies an opportunity to share their experience of moving to, and doing business in, Ireland. It was also a chance for people to network as well as share their business concepts and ethos.

Companies that attended on the night included: Indeed, Google, Nitro, Borderfree and Stripe – many of whom donned some green for the occasion.

At the outset, Stephen Masterson (Director, Ulster Bank Corporate Banking) welcomed everyone on behalf of Ulster Bank and highlighted the fantastic work completed by the IDA in attracting these exciting businesses to Ireland.

Panel Discussion

Barry O’Dowd (Head of the IDA’s Emerging Business Division) was MC for the evening, and his job included interviewing a panel to discuss sector developments, why their company chose Ireland, disruption in their individual sectors and how their company maintains a competitive edge in today’s fast moving market.

There were three panel members, covering a good cross section of the types of companies that have chosen Ireland:

  • Aidan McLaughlin: Head of International Communications,
  • Hanni Ross: Business Development/Marketing, Slack, Inc
  • Thomas Hackett: General Manager, Modern Marketing Concepts, Inc

Barry’s Emerging Business Team were also in attendance, including Melissa O’ Connor, Gillian Lawless, Kathleen Bohan, Kevin Carroll, Jayne Wyatt, Patrick Gaule, Ciaran Chaney and Emma Mitchell.

Following a raffle, the remainder of the evening was spent enjoying the good company, food and music. There were plenty of business cards exchanged, as the attendees mingled, whilst admiring the impressive night-time view of the Custom House across the Liffey.

Ulster Bank and the IDA, are delighted to continue the “Meet Your Neighbours” tradition and look forward to the next event, bringing together Dublin’s international business community.


Ulster Bank host the 4th IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event – Go Green Gathering

Ulster Bank host the 4th IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event – Go Green Gathering


Ulster Bank host the 4th IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event – Go Green Gathering

Ulster Bank host the 4th IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event – Go Green Gathering


Ulster Bank host the 4th IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event – Go Green Gathering

Ulster Bank host the 4th IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event – Go Green Gathering


Ulster Bank host the 4th IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event – Go Green Gathering

Ulster Bank host the 4th IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event – Go Green Gathering


Ulster Bank host the 4th IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event – Go Green Gathering

Ulster Bank host the 4th IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event – Go Green Gathering

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