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Dragons Den Investor Will Speak in Dublin Next Month

See the Dragon: Hear Him Roar!

We’re all familiar with Rudyard’s Kipling epic poem ‘If’, aren’t we? I was reminded of them this week as I researched the life of Dragons’ Den entrepreneur, Peter Casey.

What a life story! What a career!

‘If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster,’ said Kipling, ‘And treat those two impostors just the same….’. These words have been used repeatedly over the last century to describe those who fail and give up and those who fail, dust themselves down and try again, but to my mind, there are few who embody Kipling’s words better than dragons den investor, Peter Casey.

Perhaps like me, you associate Peter very much with the Irish version of Dragons’ Den, the popular TV programme where he and his fellow ‘Dragons’ have been able to provide their extensive expertise to many up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Today, Peter is the extremely successful founder and executive chairman of Claddagh resources, a global recruitment and search business that places high-level executives with many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies, but it wasn’t always so…. Put simply, Peter Casey is a rare breed: an entrepreneur who has gone broke and dusted himself off to succeed again and again. While there’s certainly a ‘feel good’ factor to his story today, the secret of his success is undoubtedly shown in the rather bumpy trajectory of his career path.

(Get ready – it’s going to be a bumpy ride!)

There’s no doubt that Peter Casey was always an entrepreneur: in fact, his first business venture was selling rubber bullets as souvenirs to tourists! After gaining a third-level education, he went to work for Xerox, and credits the meritocracy of the company with developing his work ethic. After quickly rising through the company’s European structure Peter emigrated to Australia where, at first, things went well.

After setting up his own business, ‘Trinity’, Peter built it up and sold it a year later, but, once the company ran into trouble, he bought it back before selling it once again, once more at a huge profit. It wasn’t all a bed of roses in Oz, however. Towards the end of his time there, Peter would meet the first major career stumbling block when he became involved in the property market just prior to its collapse.

Peter initially returned to Ireland and invested in a company called Sky-Dome, which manufactured air conditioning. Again, he experienced great success and, when an opportunity arose to sell it in the US, he packed his bags and went West. At first the company was firing on all guns, but when one of his competitors took a cease-and-desist case against it, he was left with no choice but to start from scratch all over again.

Then came his worst investment.

After having back surgery, Peter was resting at home and was on a lot of pain medication. The Apple Air had just been launched by Apple and so, certain of its success, Peter purchased 10,000 shares. Two days later, Steve Jobs announced that his cancer had returned and the share price plummeted.

Although he’s now a global success, it’s not the fact that Peter Casey failed on several occasions that is important. It’s the fact that – like so many other entrepreneurs – he failed, dusted himself down and tried again. The tenacity and perseverance are what distinguish the successful from the unsuccessful. So, who could be better placed to talk in Dublin next month about what makes a successful start up than the great man himself? For more details click here or you can get your discounted ticket as a Small Business Can reader here.

Article source: http://www.smartbusinessshow.com/blog/2015/3/3/see-the-dragon-hear-him-roar

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5 Companies that are Hiring in Dublin Right Now

5 Companies That Are Hiring in Dublin Right Now

It’s March at last, and Spring is definitely in the air. It’s the season of change, new beginnings, and of course, spring cleaning. If you’ve been thinking about changing jobs, this is the season to make it happen. So, what are you waiting for? Dust off that CV, polish up that cover letter, and take a look at these 5 companies that are hiring in Dublin right now:

1. HubSpot

When weighing up potential hires, the HubSpot team are on the lookout for a few key attributes:

a). Intellectual curiosity: how do you choose to challenge yourself? What are you doing or what have you done to make yourself a better person, or the world a better place?

b). Coachability: HubSpot is looking for life-long learners. Are you both willing and able to be coached?

c). Goals: HubSpot wants you to succeed – in your career, and in life. That’s why they’re eager to hear about your goals – both professional and personal. HubSpot could well be your ticket to meeting them.

Oh, and one more thing . . .

You’ve got to be able to get behind the company’s “G.S.D. policy,” because at HubSpot, there’s no time for indecision.

This team is here to Get Sh*t Done.

Check out open positions and apply now.

2. Tapadoo

“Our days are spent taking our clients’ ideas, and crafting them into beautiful, easy-to-use mobile apps. We help with all stages of the process, whether it be idea generation, wire-framing, user experience design, and app development. The ethos is one of collaboration both between team members, and with our customers.”

“When not working on client apps, we try to fit in development of apps for ourselves.”

Check out open positions and apply now.

3. Learnosity

Walter White on one wall, and a list of “banned phrases” on another. “Beer O’Clock” on Fridays and Mario Kart at lunch.

Welcome, to the award-winning education technology company that is Learnosity.

Founded in 2007, and with offices in Dublin, Sydney, and New York, Learnosity provides world class, cloud based assessment solutions for education providers.

Check out open positions and apply now.

4. Boxever 

Boxever helps airlines and online travel agents (OTAs) deliver personalised, 1:1 marketing experiences to their customers across all channels and at all stages of the customer lifecycle, through the innovative application of technology and big data. Companies like TigerAir, Wideroe, Atlantic Airways, and more achieve higher conversion rates, increased revenue, and improved loyalty using Boxever’s SaaS-based platform.

“Right now, we’re a team of 38, and we’re aiming to grow that number to 70 by the end of 2015.”

“We have open positions in both our Dublin headquarters and Boston satellite office and we’re looking for energetic, enthusiastic and creative people with a passion for tech, to join our team.”

Check out open positions and apply now.

5. Hosted Graphite

“Two co-founders, eight other engineers all hired in the last year, and we’re growing quickly. We run a hosted version of the popular Graphite open source metric and monitoring software, and we have customers all over the world.”

Check out open positions and apply now.

For more great jobs, find and follow us on Twitter @ClinchJobs

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Using Excel for Bookkeeping

Using excel for bookkeeping is not considered a long term solution for your business for many reasons. Here we outline some of them, and why you should consider using an Accounting package to manage your Bookkeeping/Accounting function. Accounting software is not only considered easy to use, but it is full of automation, that will ultimately take a lot of time out of processing your records. Accounting software is designed to be scale able, and accurate.

Bookkeeping software will help you to grow your business in ways that excel can not do. The automation of bookkeeping software takes the time out of managing the accuracy of excel formula. The nature of humans is that they can make mistakes, and through rigorous testing, accounting packages iron out the errors through beta testing before releasing it to the general public. Embracing change can be difficult, but once you move to the cloud, the rewards are huge.

Here are some reasons why using online accounting software is better than excel for your business:

Access from anywhere

One of the main advantages of using an online accounting software package like eFolio Accounts is that you can use it anywhere. eFolio Accounts like other systems works on any hardware, and all you need is an internet browser.  Send that quote from your car after a meeting, or convert a quote to invoice with the click of a button.

Audit Trail

eFolio Accounts keeps a clear audit trail of every transaction within your business. If you need to access this information its at your finger tips for audit, or to give to any potential investor.

Information in real time

Online Accounting software gives you the information live, even if anyone has been inputting information into the system. All users have live up to date data at all times.

Instant Reporting

Reporting with eFolio Accounts is simple and straight forward. Set your parameters and click update, and you have the reports you need. Profit and loss, Balance sheet, aged receivables, and much more.

Its scalable

Online accounting software like eFolio Accounts is scalable, so when your business grows, the software can handle it. You never need to be generating new spreadsheets, and ensuring that sheets talk to each other.

Excel can cause you problems. Here are a few examples:

  1. Getting all excel sheets & formulas to talk to each other over time causes problems. Users of excel find that they need to perform maintenance on files and sheets to get them to work as time goes on.
  2. You need to design excel sheets and reports before you start working with them. Generally the reports and sheets are not changable. Business owners require different functionality and reporting as the business grows, and generally excel is not scalable.
  3. Excel requiters you to know it inside and out. You need to be an expert in using formulas and there is a big learning curve. Why invest this time when you could be growing your business.
  4. Online invoicing takes the pain away from keeping hundreds of individual files on your computer, and it is inconvenient to back up.

Written by Mark Hegarty. As part of ‘Use Small Business Can as a channel’ eFolio accounts has an exclusive offer for SBC members. To sign up for a 30 day free trial (no credit card required) of www.efolioaccounts.com just visit the website. Use the code SBCEFOLIO2014 as your referral code and if you’re an Ulster Bank customer let us know by email to claim your free trial period.

Get paid on time with easy invoicing and manage client accounts with efficient built in email for invoicing. eFolio Accounts is all your business need!


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Help Immersive VR send a student to Mars

Immersive VR education

Immersive VR Education is a start-up company who are focused on educating students through the medium of virtual reality using Oculus technology.

Learn through experience

Students typically remember 10% of what they read and only 30% of what they hear after a 2 week period. However students remember 90% of what they experience. Their motto is Learn Through Experience and Virtual Reality is the only medium that can achieve this type of realism to have a lasting effect on its users.

Mars mission

The person who finally gets to walk on mars for the first time is alive today (likely some 10 year old kid ) and when asked the question why did they want to become an astronaut they answer “because I experienced the Apollo 11 Mission in Virtual Reality at my school and it made me believe anything is possible”.

Allowing students to experience events of the past for themselves and teaching them in this way will have more of an impact on their knowledge retention than traditional mediums.


Their mission is to allow children learn through experience and they are currently on Kickstarter having reached €10,000 of our €30,000 goal in 7 days. Click here.

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Why Your Business Needs An Outreach Strategy

Reaching out to potential customers is one of the best things any business can do. While you may have the greatest products or services available, if no one knows about them, it won’t matter much. Those companies that do not have an effective outreach strategy in place, may soon find that they are having trouble acquiring new business. To help remedy this, we wanted to spell out the reasons as to why your business needs an outreach strategy.

So what exactly is an outreach strategy? Essentially, it is taken the initiative to start a conversation with  a potential customer. Instead of simply putting up a billboard, or a commercial on TV, or working on SEO, you go out and talk to people directly. You find out what they are interested in, what kind of services or products they are looking for, and ways that you can help them. Outreach is taken action to learn more about potential customers so that you can bring in new business. Outreach is one of the most effective marketing tools when done correctly, which is why it is commonly found near the top of outbound marketing lists.

A successful outreach strategy

There are several ways companies go about implementing a successful outreach strategy. One of the most common these days is by using social media. Companies create accounts on sites like Facebook and Twitter, then use them to interact with their customers. Since the people connected to these accounts are people who are interested in your brand, you have a high success rate when trying to get new business. Using social media sites is relatively easy, and it allows you to connect with potentially millions of people with just the click of a button. Another strategy is via email marketing. Behind social media, email is one of the most popular ways that people interact nowadays. People check their emails sometimes several times a day, and with a good email marketing campaign, you can talk to them during this time.  Emails to provide updates on your company, special deals you are offering, or any relative information will be of use to people, and they will want to get these emails from you. With this strategy you are taking the initiative and staring a conversation with them, simply by sending an email.

Advantages are plentiful when it comes to a well thought out outreach strategy. For starters, you get to put a human touch on your brand. People don’t want to think they are doing business with a company that doesn’t care about them. They want to be able to trust you and what you are selling. By talking with them in a friendly way, you can begin to build trust between you and them. This in turn will help to build your brand, and people will begin to associate it with a company that is friendly, helpful, and trustworthy. Another reason is that an outreach program will result in more business. By marketing directly to people, you increase the odds that they are going to do business with you. Many people may not know about the sale you are having, but if it pops up in their email list, or on their Twitter feed, they may be more likely to take advantage of it.

Don’t wait

Don’t wait to start reaching out to potential customers. Small businesses especially need to do this, as you may not have the budget or level of brand awareness as the larger companies yet. You don’t have to spend all your time talking to each individual customer, but having someone send out emails, interacting on social media, and performing other outreach initiatives is a great idea. Hopefully this advice will help you to expand your business this year, and for years to come.

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Apple Sued for Poaching Employees of A123

The iPhone maker is being sued by a lithium-ion battery maker for electric cars and other sectors, A123, for what is alleged as an aggressive campaign of poaching the firm’s employees. It was earlier this week in Massachusetts that the complaint was filed in which five employees have been named, who, either are working to recruit other employees to Apple or have defected to the US technology giant. It is believed by A123 that Apple Inc. has the intention of building a rival battery business because of which it needs to rely, at least partially, on the expertise of employees of A123, in order to be successful.

Apple Sued

No comment was made by Apple Inc. regarding the lawsuit and A123 didn’t make any statement either. There was once a time when A123 had been a very promising player in the field of electric vehicles and had received backing from government in the form of a $250 million grant. However, it was in 2012 that the company made a filing for bankruptcy protection amidst high development costs, slower than expected advances in battery and slow acceptance of electric cars amongst the consumers. According to the battery maker, the efforts of the smartphone giant could threaten the business of the company as it would have to scramble to find qualified replacements.

This would leave A123 vulnerable, especially after the restructuring efforts it has made. Apple Inc. has also hired talent from the auto industry, including people from Tesla Motors Inc. and Daimler’s AG Mercedes-Benz unit. This suit comes up on the iPhone maker as the company is set to challenge General Motors Co, Tesla Motors Inc. and other automakers by developing an electric vehicle. Several hundred employees of the Cupertino, California based firm are working on a secret project that has been given the code name of ‘Titan’.

Apple and the Car Making Industry

As per the reports circulating the market, it includes the initial design work on a vehicle that bears a string resemblance to a minivan. But, the effort of the company may not necessarily lead it to producing an automobile. General Motors retired chief executive, Dan Akerson has said that it isn’t a good idea for Apple Inc. to venture in the car making industry. The company could think about making automobile electronics, but car-making itself would not be a good decision. This is due to the fact that there are plenty of regulatory and safety requirements involved, which aren’t that easy to understand and comply with.

He said that it would be more profitable for the firm to team up with automakers for producing entertainment equipment and electronic operating systems rather than going into hardcore car manufacturing as it wouldn’t be able to provide the profits that the company is used to getting from its iPhones and iPads. Apple has enjoyed huge profits in the quarter ended in December thanks to its large-screen iPhones that it introduced in September. A123 has its operations in Massachusetts, Michigan, China and Germany and is also a subsidiary of the Wanxiang Group of China.

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5 Key Rules on How to Create an Effective Product Label

Designing a product label can be an intimidating thing. Follow these 5 rules on how to create an effective product label and create a label that beats all the competition.

Making a first impression is integral to creating a powerful message that turbo-charges your brand, but it’s easy to overdo it and mess up your image. The last thing you want to do is send people the wrong impression.

Designing a good label is much more than just a graphic. Realistically there’s a lot of practice and experience that goes into the design, and there’s a huge list of things you should do when you’re establishing your product label.

Here are our top 5 rules that you should follow when you’re designing your products custom label:

Spend plenty of time on your preliminary sketch

No matter what you’re doing, it’s important to start off small. Take the time to establish at least 20-30 different paper and pen drawings that establish a large variety of variations of your beginning ideas. If they don’t seem to work it’s important to start over with new sketches until you find the one that helps you establish your identity. A truly skilled designer or advertising professional will often spend as much or more time in the design step than actually making the label.

Balance and size are integral to good design

One of our brain’s interesting mechanisms is that we create scales in our head that help us perceive ideas. This means that some aspects are appealing and pleasing to the way that we receive information. When you’re developing your product label, you have to keep it balanced by enforcing that the “weight” of your finished product is equally balanced as your graphics, colour, and size. While you can tweak the rules as you see fit, your label will hopefully be seen by millions, so keeping it balanced is the way to go.

The same rules apply for logos. Logos MUST look good and be legible, no matter what size they are. Your logo instantly loses credibility when it’s not as defined when scaled down. It also needs to be designed in such a way that it looks great in larger formats like on billboards, posters, and on the web.

Use complementary colours

It’s tough to pick a colour scheme but it’s always best when you use complementary colours, and colours that aren’t too bright or graded. You also must ensure that your product label looks great in black and white, grayscale, and when made in just two colours.

The design has to fit the company

Make sure you effectively research your client and your audience before you begin your preliminary work. When you’re designing product labels, it should instantly provide background information to your client about the brand. Don’t fall into the trap of going after “recent trends”. Do what works for you by determining the best design style and work up a font that isn’t distracting and gets your message across so you can get a design that works the first time.

Be different and be recognisable

By all means break away from the norm and make yourself distinct with a product label, and definitely have fun establishing your design. However, there is a balance here. Research shows that anything that is more than 10% new is too much. It becomes too different and too “out there”. Take a few steps to stand out, but bear in mind it’s also about keeping it simple and working with the most important elements of advertising: size, style, colour, typography and originality.

Designing your product label can feel like a very daunting process. There are so many aspects to consider and directions that you can take your design. When you stick with these five key rules; spend plenty of time on the preliminary sketch, pay attention to the balance and size, use complementary colours, ensure the label fits the company image and be a little different; you will be off to a great start.

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10 Fantastic Apps For Business Travelers

So you are all set to embark on your next business trip.

You meticulously make a note: Travel light. Pack Small.

You made those calls and confirmed all your meetings.

Great! Fantastic! But here’s the thing, this is just the beginning.

There are flights to catch, rooms to book, cabs to hail and the most dreaded job of all, preparing the expense report.

Now, you don’t want to end up being unprepared for any of it. That’s not only going to cost you a lot of money but also make you lose your sanity.

With a handful of apps, life on the road can get really smooth. Here are 10 fantastic business apps that will save you a lot of hassle and let you travel with ease.

Apps For Business Travelers

1. TripIt- Keep your master travel itinerary at one place

How does this brilliant app help you?

It’s quite simple. All you have to do is forward all confirmation emails to your TripIt account and the app takes care of everything. TripIt keeps all your travel information at one place. From hotel bookings and flight schedules for all your car rentals and meetings, TripIt organizes all information systems.

There’s another plus point; this app lets you share this information with your friends, family and co-workers. Moreover, it lets you access your travel plans on any device and even when you are offline.

Imagine how sorted your business trip can get!

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Android, Blackberry

2. Yelp

Looking for good places to eat, while dreaming about scrumptious burritos or maybe that earthy Italian wine?

Yelp is your ideal solution.

The app helps you find restaurants and shops by categories or search terms. So all this information is in the palm of your hand!

Important piece of advice: Don’t blindly trust the reviews. The online word of mouth in this case might be misleading as the reviews are written by anyone and everyone. So, they need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Availability: iPhone, Android

3. Google Translate- Breaking the language barrier

When going to a different country for a business trip, language barrier can be one of the biggest hurdles. In fact, it is one of the most common challenges in the international business environment.  A little conversation starter can lighten that uneasiness.

With its two new incredibly excellent features: real-time voice and sign translation, Google Translate works effectively. The app will help you navigate your new surroundings in no time.

Availability: iPhone, Android

4. FlightTrack Pro- Track flights in seconds

FlightTrack Pro offers all your flight details at your fingertips and that too within seconds. You can track your flights worldwide with big beautiful maps. (Bonus: They are available offline too.) The app provides you with all the information such as gate numbers, delays and real time departure.

Also, if your flight gets cancelled, FlightTrack Pro is right there to help you find an alternate flight with a swipe and tap.

Availability: iPhone

5. Evernote- Makes you more organized

Photos, screenshots, texts, voice notes or any other piece of information- you name it and Evernote will make sure you capture and organize it systematically. From short texts to detailed research, the app lets you write and save notes of all types.

Evernote helps compartmentalize all your information that matters, thereby ensuring you don’t forget the important details of your meeting or your travel arrangements.

Availability:  iPhone, Chrome OS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows, webOS, OS X

6. Google Maps

When it comes to location services, Google Maps is one of the most remarkable apps that instantly come to your mind. The app is undoubtedly the king of digital maps. That’s perhaps the reason why the app sees an average of more than 79 million unique users per month. With constant improvements and the addition of new features, Google Maps remains the market leader in map apps.

Availability: iPhone, Android

Price: Free

7. Expensify- Track your expenses with ease

Keeping a track of all the travel expenses can be a hassle. It’s very easy to lose a receipt or to forget how much you paid for a dinner the other night. But with Expensify by your side, you need not worry any more. The app allows you to keep track of a variety of expenses. You can enter the expenses manually, you could scan your receipts with the SmartScan feature, or you could simply mail these receipts to receipts@expensify.com. And then you can instantly catalog them. With Expensify, you can now stay on top of your finances as you travel along.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows

8. HotelTonight- Booking last-minute rooms just got convenient

With HotelTonight, you are just five clicks away from booking your hotel anytime, anywhere. Yes, you read that right! In case you forgot to book your hotel in advance, HotelTonight acts as your savior. The app lets you find amazing places to stay and even book a room on your very day of arrival. Booking hotel rooms at the last minute and that too the ones that fall in your price range can be an arduous task. But now with the HotelTonight app, you can put those worries aside.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone

9. Kayak- Your travel agent

From car rentals and flight bookings to currency conversion, Kayak helps get your hands on all kinds of travel information in no time; and with the newly added feature Price Forecasts, you can choose the best flight deals on Kayak. With Kayak on your device, you wouldn’t even need a travel agent.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7, kindle

10. Viber- Avoid insane phone bills and stay in touch

So you are travelling outside your country, well in that case Viber is what you need the most to save yourself from insanely large phone bills. Free voice calls, video calls and instant messages over the internet- that’s Viber app at its best.

Just as a search engine is synonymous with Google, free calls are becoming synonymous with Viber.

Availability:  Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia, Bada, Mac, Microsoft

Having these apps on your mobile device, will help you get through the tediousness and hassle of modern travel. Your business trip will undoubtedly be more productive and hassle free.

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Downloadable Excel Financial Spreadsheets

Here’s 8 pretty fundamental financial spreadsheets that every small business needs to have. All are in excel. All are templates and all are downloadable.

Profit and loss

This spreadsheet will help you to prepare a projected profit and loss account as part of your Operating Budget, in a format suitable for inclusion in your Business Plan. Download the Operating Budget Profit and Loss spreadsheet.


This spreadsheet will help you to record and analyse receipts made by your business. Download the Receipts spreadsheet.


This spreadsheet will help you to analyse the overheads your business is likely to incur, in a format suitable for inclusion in your Business Plan. Download the Operating Budget Analysis of Overheads spreadsheet.


This spreadsheet will help you to prepare a projected cashflow for your business, in a format suitable for inclusion in your Business Plan. Download the Cashflow spreadsheet.

Sales and Profit

This spreadsheet will help you to estimate your business’ likely sales and gross profit, in a format suitable for inclusion in your Business Plan. Download the Operating Budget:Estimate of Sales and Gross Profit spreadsheet.


This spreadsheet will help you to record and analyse petty cash expenses for your business. Download the Petty Cash spreadsheet.


This spreadsheet will help you to record and analyse payments made by your business. Download the Payments spreadsheet.

3 Year Projected Cashflow

This spreadsheet will help you to summarise three years’ projected cashflows for your business, in a format suitable for inclusion in your Business Plan. Download the Cashflow:Summary spreadsheet.

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Offaly Gearbox: A Mobile Garage Concept

Every week we feature companies that have been successful in accessing funding from Microfinance Ireland.

Microfinance Ireland gives loans to small businesses and start ups in every sector up to 25,000 Euro. If you are interested in funding, check out the http://microfinanceireland.ie/how-to-apply/

Offaly Gearbox

Offaly Gearbox is mobile garage concept, from, you guessed it, Offaly. Specialising in, you guessed it right again, gearboxes and transmissions. What is particularly unique and interesting is, what is called the Osinski techniques, named after the inventor, Piotr Osinski. The technique is patent pending.

A family business

Offaly GearBox Ltd. is a family company. They have over 25 years experience in the automotive industry in Poland, Germany and Ireland.  They specialise in repairs/recondition and adjustment of transmission and all kind gearboxes using their specialised knowledge/technique.

Piotr Osinski is the principal driving force in the company and he has proven exceptional skill in accurate diagnosis of gearbox problems and the repair of complex defects. Since arriving in Ireland 7 years ago Piotr Osinski has build up a reputation as a provider of exceptional skills in this area.

He has created a recognition of his skills among main dealer garages which is a key factor in allowing him to transfer world-class GearBox repairs to the market place. The company offer one of the most dynamic services and unique offerings in GearBox repairs in Ireland.

Their service

In their own words, their service is professional, based on the highest international standards. They are providing a unique service based on exceptional skill in the diagnostics and repair of defective gear boxes. The company is Ireland’s only service of repairs/recondition and adjustment of gear boxes of cars, vans and light commercial by using an innovative program “Mobile Garage” at the customer’s location.

They are mobile and focused on getting to the customer in a timely manner that is not on offer in the market at present.

Their primary service is the repair/recondition and adjustment of gear boxes of:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Light Commercial

In addition they provide complementary services in:

a) Repair and tuning of sports cars.

b) Repairs of rear and front differential

c) Repairs gear boxes of vintage cars

d) Repairs gear boxes of motor bikes


You can visit their website here http://offalygearbox.ie/

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