6 Best Companies for Health Benefits

Companies who truly value their employees will offer amazing health benefits and incentives. Some of the most well-known companies provide benefits to all of their employees regardless of employment status, while others beef up the stakes with free high-quality meals and transportation. When looking to apply for a company, it’s important to review their health benefits and incentive packages. It’s also crucial to see what offerings they have for sick pay, bonuses, and vacation time. These seemingly small offerings can make a $30,000 a year job worth much more, so it’s important to pick a company with a good reputation and quality incentives. Let’s look at the top 6 best companies for health benefits and incentives.


The social media giant knows how to take care of its people. The sprawling campus offers free bikes to all its employees and features a unique and robust atmosphere that employees state is fun to work in. Employees are passionate and compensated well. There is onsite healthcare, including a chiropractor, acupuncturist, gym, and full health benefits. Vision, dental, sick pay, vacation time, and medial are also included. As an added benefit, the company also provides tons of free food.


ASEA is a premiere manufacturer of products that help people live and feel better. It’s a leading company that specializes in the cellular health market. People who work for the company receive a competitive salary, a complete health plan, and generous holiday and time off. Medical, dental, and vision benefits are provided by the company and there are extensive options to advance and improve. ASEA reviews are always full of satisfied employee statements.


Costco is known worldwide for its excellent value and customer service. The health benefits include medical, dental, sick pay, vacation time, and raises based on hours worked. Starting pay is competitive and there is plenty of room for advancement within the company. The company has a unique culture that fosters promotion from within the ranks, and most managers are promoted based on their ability to work hard.


Adobe is a people-focused technology company that drives innovation in a supportive and fast-paced working environment. The company puts a huge emphasis on acquiring effective employees who can get the job done effectively. Health care is on par with other high tech companies, but they also offer pet insurance as a unique option for people who really loves their pets. The company works hard to provide some of the best health benefits available in the industry and invests heavily in its employees. As far as paid time off is concerned, you can take as much time as needed provided you get your work completed.


USAA is a leader in financial products and insurance products, so it’s no wonder that they also take exceedingly good care of their employees. The company has a complete health package that includes dental, vision and medical. Employees are able to benefit from discounts on their available services, and they have access to the same services as their customers.


Intuit is a company with its hands in a lot of different products. The company truly values its employees and pays them well, while also providing outstanding health benefits. The company offers a full health plan, including dental, vision and medical. Employees also get access to fitness reimbursement, discounted healthy lunches and handsome bonus packages. There is a good work and life balance, and the culture is one of mutual respect and appreciation.

Looking at the healthcare packages of a company is extremely important. There are few companies that rank highly and don’t provide their employees with good health and medical benefits. The mission of a company should include the health and well-being of its employees. Look for a company that provides good benefits and a culture that fosters healthy living and work/life balance.

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