Essential SEO Tips to Improve YouTube Video Rank

YouTube is considered to be the second most important search engine just after its father Google. You need to set up an excellent SEO strategy for improving the ranks of your videos in YouTube. Here are some simple SEO tips to influence your YouTube video rank.

Video Titles

Titles play a great role as the audience encounters with the title at first. Your entire content can be introduced through this one liner. So you must be choosy enough to select the right keywords so that your audience can understand the theme of your video. You can keep your title very short within 70 characters and avoid tricks. If your title does not match your content, you will face a huge drop off that can provide a negative impact on your video.


Thumbnails can act as marketing banners for your videos. If you can use right thumbnails, you will definitely be successful in attracting large number of viewers. Your thumbnails should represent your video content and should never mislead. If your videos are full of animation, you must use attractive as well as colorful thumbnails to make your videos stand out of others. For choosing your thumbnails, you must choose pictures with high resolution, at least of 640*360 pixels. When your thumbnail appears to be low resolution one, viewers will have a perception that the videos are of low quality and will never click on them. As your thumbnails must look great in all sizes, you must check in various devices like desktops, laptops, Ipads, TVs etc. Utah SEO Company also suggests that foreground must stand out of the background in thumbnails of your videos.

Video Descriptions

Descriptions of videos must precisely describe the video content. It remains just below the title and can include 2 to 3 lines. Basic information must lie within the first two sentences with relevant keywords and links. You can also add transcriptions of your video scripts where you can insert relevant keywords.


Audience can clearly perform actions if your calls to action are clear to them. You can ask your viewers to comment, share, like and subscribe your videos. Though YouTube allows a CTA button, you must include a CTA button after your video also. You can also measure your CTA performance and check whether your videos are effective or not. A/B testing method included in CTA can help in clearly understanding the lead sources and what your audience actually wants.


You need to keep your audiences engaged as the amount of time spent on watching the video in total impacts on the ranking in YouTube. To attract excellent engagement for your videos, you must create work with excellent animation quality, crafted in an awesome manner that can truly be engaging.


Tags are nothing but the keywords people are using to find out your videos. Your tags must be accurate and consistent with the most important keywords placed at first. You can also use long tail keywords and keyword phrases to increase your visibility.

Promotion with Money

Always try to invest some money to provide a little push in your promotional campaign. You can use the paid promotion services during the initial days and as soon as you can count huge numbers as your viewers, you will automatically be rewarded with high ranks.

Recent internet marketing guide by suggests some excellent SEO tips that will improve your video ranks. Just perform and measure regularly through analytics. Either organically or through paid promotional services, you can definitely achieve higher ranks if the video content is attractive and informative to your target viewers. Your YouTube channel must provide consistent and high quality videos to boost up the ranking.

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