3 Benefits of Using Microsoft Lync for Small Businesses

As a small business, two of your most important considerations are efficiency and cost savings. This is where the Microsoft Lync system can step in and make a real-world difference to your business.

The Lync system is an all-encompassing communication system that is up to date with the latest technology and will make all of your inter-office, as well as external communications, much more streamlined and snag-free.

1. HD Video Conferencing

With the growing new-age work trends such as Outsourcing and Work-from-home employees, video conferencing has become a major part of our new business culture. Instead of trying to bring everyone together in one location, it is so much easier to just organise a video conference and include a range of people, all in the one meeting.

For example with Microsoft Lync, you can include home based employees, outsourcers, suppliers, business partners and even staff working in satellite offices around the world, in the same video conference. Lync is compatible across a broad range of devices and platforms, making it an extremely flexible as well as highly cost effective communications strategy.

2. Scheduling and Organising Conference Calls

With Lync, not only your conference calls can be made in HD, but putting it all together is extremely simple and quick. There is no need for endless emails and phone calls just to set up a video conference and it can be arranged with a simple click of the mouse button or touchpad. Additionally, you can also schedule video conference calls and meetings in advance by simply adding the date and time.

Once you have decided on a date and time for the video conference, all you need to do is create a Lync meeting and you are good to go. Since Outlook is an essential part of the Microsoft family, a virtual conference is automatically setup, the notification for the scheduled meeting will be automatically sent to the participants through email.

At the nominated time for the video conference, attendees just click a button on the screen and they are automatically brought into the conference. You can even share screens, PowerPoint presentations and Word documents, use virtual whiteboards or take control of your computer remotely.

3. Supports Various Platforms

With apps for all mobile devices, as well as Skype and web access, Microsoft Lync is easily integrated across most systems and is really cost effective.

  • Mobile Devices: With mobile apps, employees can use their own mobile devices to join a video conference or to access the other features of the Lync system, such as instant messaging. Thankfully, you don’t even have to own a Windows phone, because Microsoft Lync is compatible with both iOS and Android systems.
  • Web Access: The web app makes it very easy for attendees to join a video conference from their browser, regardless of whether it is a Windows or a Mac. Employees even have access to all of the other Lync features as well, right from their browser.
  • Skype: Since Microsoft now owns Skype and lots of people use Skype, Lync also offers Skype users the ability to join any video conference and use other features that Lync has to offer.

So, if your business could benefit from a high quality, and highly compatible video conferencing communication system, it is worth a look to check from various solutions provider, like iiNet, to position your business for maximum growth.

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