Helpful Healthcare: What Are Clinics Doing Differently To Retain Clients?

Starting a new clinic can be quite challenging, and retaining patients is one of the many challenges new clinics face. Patients are often loyal to doctors they’ve been going to for years and just starting out it can be hard to generate reviews right away. Today there are many things new clinics are doing in order to retain clients, and below is a list you can adopt for yourself to get started.

Implementing a Referral Program

Implement a referral program where new patients who refer friends and family get rewards and discounts. These programs are not only great for recruiting new patients, but can also help the staff build relationships with their existing patients. If patients get a reward for referring other patients, then they will likely continue going to the clinic.

Surveying Patients

Clinics today are asking patients to give their feedback whenever possible. Surveys help give your business an idea of what they can do to improve their service. One of the key things is to offer quality care. If you are thinking about surveying new patients, it’s important to remember that a very short survey can give an indication of the patient’s opinion of their visit. Some clinics have patients complete a five-question survey about their visit before they leave which can be great for feedback on the clinic itself and the kind of care given by staff.

Reminding Patients of Their Appointments

People today are extremely busy and can easily forget about the appointment they have scheduled. It’s common practice now to call patients the day before in order to remind them of their appointment. Emailing and texting is also growing in popularity or you might consider hiring patient engagement solutions like Solutionreach to do the work for you. You can go even further by asking which reminder method they prefer, and what time of day wouldn’t be an interruption for them. Extra courtesies like these can be just the thing to win over new patients.

Convenient Waiting Rooms

Visiting any clinic is a stressful experience for many people. Try your best to make the waiting experience more convenient where you can. For example, you could have a TV and remote set up for patients to use or you could offer bottled water when they first arrive.

Follow-Up with New Patients

It’s always a smart idea for new clinics to follow up with a new patient. For example, a receptionist may call and ask about how their visit went. Patients may also receive an email asking about their visit. Calling and emailing help clinics build relationships and strengthen bonds with loyal customers.

It is not easy starting a new clinic since some struggle to retain patients at first. However, many practices are growing because they have implemented a referral program, follow-up with their patients, and ask them to take a survey. Small touches can be the key to giving new patients what they need and an experience they won’t forget.

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