Emotional Marketing: Focusing on Human2Human

A simple message can be memorable… you just need to strike the right chord. And the chord is deeply associated with different emotions of an individual. Similarly, your brand should speak to the customers at an emotional level. Many leaders discuss about customer-centric services, but I wonder if they actually walk the walk and execute their plans into actions. In this post we discuss emotional marketing or emotion-centric marketing.

It is the time to focus on H2H (Human2Human) besides B2B and B2C

It is that time of the year when you look ahead and make exhaustive plans for your business. Just to remind you that strategising emotion-centric business plans will do wonders. To make your brand more appealing and memorable, start emphasising on creating more perceived value and personalisation. As rightly said by Mother Teresa ‘If I look at the mass, I will never act, but if I look at the one, I will.

Strike the emotional connection with customers

So what does emotional connection mean? It is all about understanding the heart and mind of your customers. It is more psychological than logical, and more of unconscious than conscious. It has been observed that customers become more engaged in a personal way and expects to be more positively and emotionally treated at every level of their pre and post purchases.

This means that today’s service providers should develop and demonstrate higher level of competency to deal with emotions of the customers.

Emotionally engaged customers are:

  • Three times more likely to repurchase
  • Three times more likely to recommend
  • Less price sensitive
  • Less likely to shop around

A comprehensive guide to focus on customer emotion

Ask a few questions to yourself before you get into the action.

Ask yourself:

  • What customers get from you that they cannot get from anyone else?
  • Do you leave each customer with a feeling of strong support?
  • Do you make them feel empowered with your services?
  • Do you deliver all your promise on time?
  • Do you apologise when things go wrong and fix the issue?
  • How well do you handle negative comments?
  • Do they actually laugh because of your company’s fun-loving nature after they get-off the phone with you?
  • Do they recommend your brand to others?

If you’re good at managing these factors, you’re surely to win your customers heart.

Knowing customer as an individual and not someone among the masses

Knowing your customers exact wants and aspirations and most importantly their expectations from your service helps you to create a strong and positive emotional connect with them. Not only it builds loyalty, but also inspires repeat purchases. A repeat customer is five times more valuable than a new customer.

It is not about sharing your stories only, but also listening to your customer’s stories

Besides sharing your stories, ask your customers to share their ‘good and bad’ experiences with the sales team at a quarterly basis. Invite them to speak to your department head and resolve any queries they might have. In fact, customers should be a part of the everyday and the important activities. After all, many small changes can add up to a big result.

Selling a required mobile application to a customer is not the end of your responsibilities. The follow up effort to know whether the application is functioning properly, served the purpose, anyone in the family or friends require the same application or not is important. This gesture makes your customer realises their value in your business.

Personalised communication

Customers prefer products, services, packaging and communication that are visually and audibly appealing. They want to do business and communicate with those brands that recognise their needs, make them feel good and provide them with an identity. For instance, working with variable data printing can be the ultimate solution. They’re used to personalise and customise every communication element including adverts in magazines, brochures, publications, invitations and much more to add. Right from offers, graphics, texts and images can be modified to best meet the customer’s wants and desires.

Engage their senses

Visual communication is an excellent way to engage your audiences’ attention. And the best way to harness their senses is to appeal to your customer’s imagination. Talk to them either with explainer video or hosting a webinar and help them imagine an experience with your company’s products and services. Remember, customers, buy or do business because of what they’re feeling, and not necessarily because of what they’re thinking.

The right emotions to strike:

  • Surprise and laughter that drives emotional satisfaction and sharing
  • Intrigue and mystery that creates curiosity and drives exploration
  • Urgency and fear that incites a feeling of missing out
  • Desire and aspiration that stokes contemplation.

It is the emotional benefits that actually turns product into brands.

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