Effective Ways to Overcome Burnout

When you have experienced a long bout of stress, whether on your job or in your home environment, it is expected you will suffer from burnout. This is the point where you become almost numb to your situation. You lose the drive to even get up and try to complete your daily tasks.

Life looks bleak, and you may not see a way for things to ever change. Many people who suffer from burnout may give up on their jobs and their relationships out of a feeling of hopelessness. When you feel that burnout is becoming a problem, you need to focus on getting the support you need to recover, before an absolute breakdown occurs.

Stress vs Burnout

When a person is stressed, they become anxious and try to figure a way to complete a number of tasks that may seem overwhelming. Burnout is well beyond the severe stress level. It is the phase where a person seems to give up. They go through the motions of daily life, but are mentally detached from people and activities. Burnout is the point at which continual high levels of stress have exhausted a person mentally to the point where they have no motivation to go on.

Overcome Burnout

There are a number of ways to overcome burnout. These include but are not limited to:

  • Change jobs — if it is your job that is causing the problem. A fresh environment may do the trick. If this is not possible, maybe talking with your superior about changing some aspect of your job will help.
  • Take time off from work, if you have vacation days coming or sick days. You may find taking a vacation will help shake the feeling out of your mind. It will give you the time to rejuvenate and rest.
  • Talk to a friend about how you feel. Keeping everything to yourself will only make things worse. You may find it helpful to consult a therapist or counselor for assistance.
  • Take Modafinil – a prescriptive, no side effect drug that will help boost your overall well-being. It improves your brain function and helps you deal with sleeping disorder which add to the stress you are undergoing.
  • Exercise and get your body moving even just 30 minutes a day will help you feel better. Practice deep breathing regularly to calm yourself and relax.
  • Do something that you enjoy. Even if it is a small thing, sometimes doing something for yourself, as others take so much from you, can really help turn things around.

Whether your burnout is being caused by too much to do at work or at home, getting support from family or friends will help.

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