Mobile Consumers and Responsive Designs: Online, Smart & Friendly

Social media is changing the world of marketing on a tremendous scale. According to ZenithOptimedia forecast, we will witness a constant 15% growth on an annual scale between 2014 and 2017. Let’s take a look at how it applies to mobile consumers…

This assumption is more than reasonable. We are witnessing applied actions of smart algorithms that are interacting with us on a daily basis. They are persistent in following profiles and are sorting and delivering information according to our search results in a matter of a few nanoseconds. Our Facebook profiles, Google search, everything is monitored and evaluated, for the purpose to serve us, the consumers, or annoy us.

That is the very core of our issue, because in the year 2015 there are a few actions that should be considered a standard, nevertheless we are still witnessing poor implementations of even major global companies.


A seamlessly never-ending debate about Conversion Rate Optimization vs. Search Engine Optimization for Return On Investment only confirms that we are yet to comprehend the power of Data. The obvious fact is that constant analysis through applied implementation will eventually deliver a positive result.

You’ve certainly stumbled upon opening windows that are trying to convince you to stay on the website and continue with your read. That is a part of the CRO strategy. The fact that you’ve actually managed to find the initial website is the result of the SEO strategy. They are both well proven methods, and we are all aware that the psychology of marketing is based on the firm but almost incomprehensible grounds, and there is one factor that will always be easily misread: the human factor.

Never leave out that tricky unknown from the equation, and always add at least something that you know to that part, so you can be sure that you will gain positive results. Consumers love being respected, cared for, they will probably refer their friends to you if you insist on providing a good service and you should count on that fact. Make their online experience pleasant, provide them a great product, trusted delivery, and safe and simple method of payment. Scratch beneath that surface of design, and focus on being responsive.

Smart & Friendly

All of our target audiences, no matter the industry that you are dealing with, have one thing in common: they are all computer literate. Pushing a product where it shouldn’t be pushed, missing your core audience, and counting on the fact that you will simply filter large numbers and get a certain percentage that you will convert to clients – that’s an utterly outdated technique.

Always count on the first rule of social media: it is social. People will share ideas, experiences, reviews, and etc. If you insist on spamming million people with your offer for no particular reason, the only thing that you will get is a lot of bad rep. There is a famous case of LiveNation poorly scheduled tweets that should serve in favor of this module, as an example of how not to execute a campaign.

With the help of search engines and our smart phones, we, the consumers, have become a lot smarter. Well, in manner of speaking. Retweeting your embarrassing marketing failure is a matter of one flick of a finger, so think again who you are targeting. If you are targeting me, as a computer literate consumer, I can tell you two things that I’m expecting from your business – be smart, and be friendly.

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