Scam Alert: TeamViewer the Fraudster’s Newest Tool

In my previous blogs I have written about the different social engineering techniques used by fraudsters to trick people into handing over online banking credentials, enabling the fraudster to gain access to the funds of your business.

The public continues to be on high alert to the dangers posed by unsolicited emails containing malicious software but it would seem that fraudsters have found a new way to trick people into handing over those all important security details.

The latest scam involves the use of TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a genuine piece of software which allows the user to gain remote access and control over any computer or Mac within seconds. The key selling points of the software are:

  • Remote Support – no need for any installation on the client side
  • Remote Administration – 24/7 access to remote computers and servers
  • Remote Access – access your data and applications – anytime, anywhere
  • Home Office – access your office computer from home

And most importantly, it’s free to download thus making this piece of software a valuable addition to the fraudster’s ever expanding toolkit.

How does the Scam Work?

The fraudster will make contact by phone and claim to be calling from your Bank. You will recall from my earlier blog on Vishing: Know the Voice of the Fraudster, these guys have done their homework and can sound extremely convincing. As is the norm, the aim will be to create panic by claiming that there is a virus on your computer and that the person (the fraudster) on the other end will assist you in removing the virus from your computer.

You will then be asked to download the TeamViewer software onto your computer. This gives the fraudster full remote access to your computer enabling them to take over your online banking session; informing you that they are removing the virus but the only thing that is being removed is the money from your bank account!

A Bank will never ask you for remote access to your computer or to download TeamViewer.

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