How to Keep Employees Safe on the Job: 5 Excellent Programs

Safety on the job isn’t just about construction accidents, but involves many different aspects for protecting employees and employers alike. Below introduces five excellent programs on how to keep employees safe on the job.

How to Keep Employees Safe on the Job

OSHA Safety Program

Any company that employs manual labor should have a safety program based on sample OSHA Policies. There are a variety of topics which need to be covered, such as lockout/tagout, fall protection, and hazard communication. Most states offer an official OSHA-approved state program and most of these state’s Safety and Health departments offer free consultations and assistance with setting up a formal safety program.

Safe Driving

Companies that require employees to drive as a regular part of their duties, such as a delivery service company, should offer safe driving training. A defensive driving course can be offered online, in person, or outsourced to an actual driving school. When possible, consider allowing employees to take a defensive driving course with an experienced instructor so they are more prepared to handle incidents on the road.

Health and Wellness

Employee safety goes beyond preventing accidents and physical harm. Health and wellness promotion is one of the best tools to prevent accidents and health problems. Consider encouraging employees to exercise through offering gym reimbursements or bonuses. Even better, consider building a simple on-site gym for employees to work-out in. This is an excellent way to promote healthy living while reducing stress and cost for you the employer.

Emergency Action Training

Emergencies can consist of anything from a medical emergency, to an earthquake, to workplace violence. Consider implementing regular emergency action training. Every company should offer Basic First Aid/CPR training to employees. However, not every employee needs to be certified. Having a few employees and one supervisor from each department should be sufficient. In addition, teach all employees how to respond to natural disasters.

Drug Free Workplace

Every company should have zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use in the workplace. Not only do they cause accidents, but result in loss of money and even lives. As part of the drug free program, consider performing annual, random UAs on all employees. If there are any concerns due to drug use, consult with a business lawyer like Carter West. While some drugs like marijuana may have medical uses, it is still unsafe for on the job use, especially in industries that work with tools and equipment, such as manufacturing and construction.

Listed here are five programs that will improve employee safety and save your company money. These include adopting an OSHA Safety Program, offering defensive driving training and health and wellness programs. In addition, emergency action training and enacting a drug free workplace program are essential to protect lives and save on injuries and accidents in the workplace.

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