5 Reasons Cloud Communication Is Vital For Business Prosperity

There is more to running a successful business than just having a good niche in the supply and demand market. Keeping customers satisfied and maintaining a high level of quality customer service is the key factor in how many customers come back. But what allows a good business to meet these demands in a highly competitive and global market? In today’s market economy, technology is the make or break point. Having up to date technology that is easy to use will keep your business running smoothly and more optimal. Today’s up to date technology is cloud based communication systems.

What Are Cloud Based Communication Systems?

Communication systems that utilize the internet as opposed to a computer’s hard drive for accessing programs and data are known as cloud based communication systems. These cloud based systems basically do all their work in the ‘cloud’. This process is known as cloud computing. Cloud computing can take place over various systems; some can be accessed through applications from purchased subscriptions such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 etc. Further, you can smoothly integrate Office 365 with cloud based phone system to enhance your peer-to-peer and clientele communications. Others can take place from a custom created application designed and implemented by the company for everyone within the network to access.

A few of the more commonly used business cloud computing technologies are:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS): these are purchased subscriptions
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): these are the custom made ones
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): these can be rented out from much larger corporations such as Google or Microsoft.

Cloud communication systems are a huge business in and of themselves, generating billions of dollars a year. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider looking into a unified cloud communication system for your business like many others already have.

Advanced Features are More Affordable

Advanced features are often the most sought after in the industry as these features integrate your business’ technological capability. By providing easy access to integrated capacities such as conferencing, presence, phone, messaging, and even mobility, you are putting your business at a greater advantage over others in your market area. Buyers do need to know up front that some cloud based systems utilize storage of some data in the devices there on-site so some mobility issues may need some working through. However, the best unified communications systems are those that are 100% cloud-based with no on-site data storage. This means no on-site IT maintenance.

All Communications Can Be Managed Online

Unified cloud communications system is the term used to incorporate all aspects of technology used in running your business. Unified cloud communications systems allow online portals for easier access from off-site IT specialists to address any troubleshooting needs. Online portals allow greater productivity and help to keep costs low because IT functions are able to be delegated and streamlined in a much more simple and efficient manner. Employees are also empowered to have a greater level of control, maintaining their devices and making communication for all involved much less complicated.

The User Holds the Power

Users covet the ability to have flexible access and more control when it comes to the tools they need to maintain a high level of professionalism with their colleagues and their clients. Being able to have the same resources in and away from the office increases dexterity of the business as a whole and productivity levels of all involved. Not all cloud based systems are able to offer this level of flexibility. Only the 100% cloud based telephone system are designed with the user in mind and not the devices.This also allows technicians to troubleshoot most problems “in the air” rather than on the actual device.

Minimize Downtime Risks

The coined phrase, “time is money and money is time,” rings true for every business. Utilizing a unified cloud communications system reduces lost time from downed systems that may otherwise be experienced from on-site repair needs, power outages, severe weather or other emergency related downtime. This strategic type of entrepreneurial foresight puts the business with a unified cloud communication system at a major advantage over the competition; not only in time saved, but also the costs to address these on-site risks.

On-site Systems Are Cost Burdensome and Complicated

On-site systems require the use of on-site IT staff for maintenance and repair work. These added operational costs decrease a profit margin. The increased risk of communication errors and the technology to become obsolete quicker make choosing a cloud based system over an on-site system the simple and economical choice.

The benefits of utilizing a cloud communications system is a game changer. Increased productivity, decreased overhead costs, higher customer service as a result of more effective technology all help to give your business the competitive edge.

Businesses have changed over the years from when our parents and grandparents were in the market world. The use of rapidly evolving tech is what continues to propel businesses into the future. How far do you want your business to go?

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