Small Business Project Management

Project management is a process that is always evolving through various processes and methods, and businesses of all sizes are on the lookout for ways in which it can be managed more efficiently. For small businesses in particular, project management is a powerful tool when used smartly. Not only can effective project management improve the performance but it can empower. Small businesses can use faster project speed as a competitive advantage, can train quicker and reinvent projects with specialised skills and teams, something a large business can often overlook.

History of Project Management

To really understand how important project management is and how effective methods can be you should take a look back through history and examine the changes, impacts and developments you can learn from. To help you on this learning curve, take a look at the Telegraph Courses Project Management Timeline data graphic which explains why project management is so important and how it has been used and developed throughout history through to modern day builds.

The timeline starts by looking at the Great Pyramid of Giza, composed of 2,300,000 blocks of stone, 450ft high and built in 2570 BC. This amazing piece of history took in total around 20-25,000 workers to complete the project. It is estimated that it took around 20 to 30 years to build. Following on from this is the Great Wall of China. This build would have been comparable to around £300bn in costs today.

In those times there were basic management systems put in place, which shows the beginnings of Project Management in action. These included people management, time management and materials management. As the data goes on to show more modern builds such as the Shard, the tallest building in Europe have adopted different project management approaches.

Industry Growth

The industry in the project management field is growing as the data goes on to show. This is really useful for small businesses and start-ups to see as it gives an insight into the types of project methodologies used and predictions for the future.

Looking at the global Project Management Outlook, it provides an overview of sectors to watch in various countries. This is interesting as it explains how sectors are progressing. For example, in the United Kingdom it is suggested that IT and construction are two main industries to watch, as there is a huge demand for those working in Project Management with the correct skills. So should your next project build be targeted to these sectors as they look likely to provide success?

One thing small businesses/start-ups should be keeping track are these trends. Furthermore, some of the future Project Management Industry trends include remote project teams, independent consultants, mobile Project Management apps and the usage of big data as a project management tool. All of these are important for small businesses and startups to understand as it helps gain a step forward as being aware of these future predictions means being prepared and ready to adapt to them.

Future of Entrepreneurs

Just like the Pyramid build do you feel you have the capable skills to develop your business from the ground up and project management it? If you are not sure then you can use the data graphic to answer this question. If you answer yes to the following then you should have what it takes to become an entrepreneur PM which is crucial for the success of a small business.

Do you get the big picture?

Can you cope with uncertainty?

Are you patient?

Are you a leader/motivator?

Are you proactive?

Can you delegate?

If the Pyramids can still stand strong today then so can your small business, it just means adopting the right methods, principles and methodologies.

The Commitment in project management is shifting and although the change is slow the key focus is still on entrepreneurial skills, youth entrepreneurship in particular is becoming a framework for teaching the 21st century. So it is evident to see how important the shift will become already and how businesses will strive in the future; learning from the motivated youth entrepreneurs of the 20th century.

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