North and South building relationships through the Irishbizparty conference

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Irish Biz Party

The online phenomenon that is Irish Biz Party have chosen Fermanagh as the destination for their fifth national business conference, which takes place in the Killyhevlin Hotel, Enniskillen, on Wednesday 14th October.

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Samantha Kelly

Founded by Bank of Ireland Start up Hero award winner and Tweeting Goddess, Samantha Kelly, Irish Biz Party is an online community of businesses who advise, guide and promote each other. Irish businesses come together every Wednesday night on Twitter, using the hashtag #IrishBizParty and through collective cross promotion and discussion, help each other to reach millions of potential customers in just 2 hours. As well as the weekly Twitter network, Irish Biz Party also have an official membership package, and a very active private Facebook Group where over 3,000 Irish businesses seek and share advice and guidance, support and promote each other. Samantha believes the success of the conferences to date is down to the organic and natural progression to meeting offline and in person. It is also a great way for new businesses to get involved in the Irish Biz Party community, and can really give them a strong launch pad to grow their business nationwide.

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Dublin, Kerry and Wexford

Dublin, Kerry and Wexford have played host to the tribe of businesses, with hugely successful events. Samantha Kelly says, “The decision was taken to bring the full weight of the Irish Biz Party movement to the north of Ireland. We know that business owners have the same struggles all over the country, and the north west is an area that we felt could greatly benefit from the event, the support, advice, learning and networking opportunities. “We considered a number of places to host the event, but it was down to the work of local businesswoman, Aine Bermingham, and the support of the local business community, Fermanagh Omagh District Council, and Fermanagh Enterprise, that we chose Fermanagh. There’s a thriving business community here, and we want to offer as much support as we can. “We’re very excited about bringing the conference here, and I’ve been thrilled by the response both locally and nationally.


Fermanagh businesses are embracing this opportunity, and there are businesses from all over Ireland booking tickets, so there’s a fantastic buzz about it already. I’d encourage any business looking for help and support, or a chance to learn and network with fellow business owners, to join us at the event.” Keynote Speakers on the day will come from across Ireland, the UK and even Europe to share a plethora of expertise, including social media experts, business leaders and pricing experts.


The headline sponsor on the day is IEDR. Donal O’Nuallain of IEDR says: “We’re delighted to be the headline sponsors of the Irish Biz Party conference. It provides a great opportunity for Irish businesses to share knowledge, learnings and network with each other with the goal of growing their business above and beyond what the Irish Biz Party team have already achieved and facilitated to date. .ie domains provide an identifiably Irish online presence for businesses so our involvement with the Irish Biz Party is really strong as it allows us to engage with Irish SMEs in a productive and positive environment,”

Local Fermanagh businesses

Local Fermanagh businesses are also getting involved, with the list of sponsors including Inn Stock Services, Monaghan Bros., and Corrigan and Co. Fermanagh and Omagh District Council are also a sponsor of the event, and are actively encouraging local businesses to get involved. “It’s important to us that these events are accessible for small businesses, as that’s what Irish Biz Party is all about, so we keep the ticket prices low, and we couldn’t do that without the generosity of our sponsors, which we are very grateful for.” said Samantha Kelly.

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Tickets for the full day including lunch are priced at only £50.00 and can be booked online via Book here 

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How to Cut Costs When Organising a Business Conference

Nowadays the importance of face-to-face meetings is obvious. We are looking at so many opportunities that are available and when it comes to conferences, everything is a lot more necessary and needed than in the past. These meetings are necessary for so many different reasons and while it is so hard to organize them, this need automatically leads to price analysis. Saving money is something that is always necessary.

The problem is that we cannot simply save money by doing cost cutting. It is really important that we do all we can in order to choose the correct answers. This is definitely something that is a lot more complicated than you may be tempted to believe at first glance.

Choosing a Correct Venue

Most of the money you can save is available by simply taking a close look at the venue options available. Choosing a perfect conference venue that is affordable in terms of price and quality offered is what will help you out the most. Never choose something that is too expensive. It is not difficult to save money if you just stay focused on the best venue.

Cutting Costs on Services

You do not necessarily need to agree to absolutely everything that is offered by the venue you chose. Remember that time is precious and you will be tempted to save money and time by just agreeing to a specific package. However, most of the different venues that you will consider will include many opportunities that you were not aware of so that you can save a whole lot of money. All that you would have to do is ask. Make sure that you do so and you analyze what the contract allows you to do and what not.

Using the Internet for Information

The more information you have about the options available for you at the moment, the higher the possibility you will make a correct choice. The World Wide Web does offer all the information that is needed in order to make the best possible choice. For instance, when you live in London, you can easily find the best possible venues by simply looking at search engines for business conference venues.

It is also important that you use the internet in order to learn more about how to organize the perfect business conference. The truth is that all you really need to do is remain informed at all times. There are so many things you might miss out without even realizing it. What counts is to know exactly what options are available for you.

We have to add that we can also include various different blogs in our list of resources available for research. There are many internet professionals that talk about the many different opportunities that can be taken into account and it is not hard to learn how specialists deal with cutting costs. Organizing conferences may be a necessity these days but it is not something that has to be done with huge attached expenses.

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