On The Leading Edge – Maven TM Finalist For SFA Business Awards 2015

As many businesses know only too well, finding the right sales leads can cost dearly in terms of time and money. Maven TM saves its clients on both fronts by doing the hard work for them.

IN 2011, as businesses found it difficult to generate sales leads, Mark Cradock spotted an opportunity for a new Irish company. Cradock had been working in technology, sales and marketing since 1998, and identified a need in the market for a company that would find and create sales opportunities for IT firms.

He set up Maven TM in Carlow, a business-to-business telemarketing and sales lead generation company. The definition of maven, incidentally, is a trusted expert or connoisseur.

20-Fold Return on Investment

“At that point in the recession, companies were having challenges finding new business and churn of customer. I could see a need for us to bring our skills to bear with IT companies to help them win new business. We do a combination of market research and telephone calling. We research the market on behalf of our customers to identify companies that are suited to them and in buying mode,” says Cradock.

He adds that, typically, the firm’s clients achieve in excess of a 20-fold return on investment in Maven TM’s services.
“The key to our success is simply the good work we do. If we deliver success to our client, they get a strong margin on their investment. That’s led to strong repeat business.”


In just four years, Cradock has built up a team of 30, and in 2014 grew sales revenue by 82pc. He says one of the challenges he’s faced is in ensuring the company is growing at the right rate.

“We don’t want to grow too fast but want to make sure we have the resources to fulfil our campaigns successfully. We have clients now in over 10 countries, we conduct campaigns into 23 countries, and we cater to 12 languages.”

Maven TM has clients in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Scandinavia and the US, with international markets comprising 40pc of the work it does. Last year, it won a significant contract with Vodafone.

The company became a client of Enterprise Ireland in 2014, which helped with its expansion overseas.

Enterprise Ireland Support

“It’s always great to get support like that. It helps accelerate the growth, and to secure more of the jobs in the company,” says Cradock.

A key strategy for the firm in 2015 is growth and development of partnerships for the US market. Cradock expects it to double its revenue from now until the end of 2016, and to double its head count in that period.

The firm is also planning to move premises within Carlow this year, to accommodate its growth.

This all lead to Maven TM being shortlisted out of 500 applicants and finalists in the service category.

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