The importance of finding time to think

Taking time out to give your brain the opportunity to think can really benefit you in your role.
In today’s fast-paced world, companies need new products, services and innovations to stay competitive. Many employees are expected to be creative and to continuously develop better solutions for their customers.
This is hard because employees are so busy keeping up with day-to-day operations. Even if employees want to be creative it can be hard to find the time to think.
Why do we need time to think?
Time to think is so important for every company as the real value add work requires it. To develop new ideas or improve the current operations, our brains need time.
How many times you have woken in the middle of the night with a great idea? Or come up with genius solutions in the shower? Why does this happen? It happens because our brains are free from all the usual day-to-day clutter and have a chance to form and develop ideas.
No time to think
Look at the environment most people work in these days. The opportunity to be creative is low. Most offices are open plan, everyone has multiple devices and distracting notifications. Add in the pressure of changing deadlines and high customer expectations.
Plan time to think
To recreate that decluttered brain, it is important be proactive and block time within your work schedule. When you are planning your week, spot the opportunity. Maybe you have an hour first thing before your meetings start or a two hour slot at the end of the day. Guard this time with your life. Mark it in the group Outlook or Gmail calendar so other people can’t steal it.
Give yourself at least 60 minutes to allow deep thinking and creativity.
Declutter your mind and your time
To help declutter your mind use fundamental productivity techniques such

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