Top Employers in the World 2015

Nowadays, it is very important to find a company that has values and workplace culture which correspond to employee’s values and needs. What do employees think about companies that they work for?  What makes their companies different from others? Who are top employers in the world?

In order to help people to find out answers on these questions, Fortune magazine, in association with Great Place to Work, regularly creates lists of the best companies to work for. They have conducted the most extensive employee survey which took place in 43 countries around the world and included millions of employees. This survey consisted of questions about employee perceptions of the workplace related to job satisfaction, management’s credibility, camaraderie, pay and benefit programs, hiring practices, training, recognition programs and methods of external communication.

The first place belongs to Google.

1. Google


Google celebrates its sixth year at No. 1. It’s amazing!

What is Google? And why is Google taking No.1?

Google is a global tech company specializing in developing technology and internet-related services and products. Its workplace culture is at the highest level, it is inspiring, challenging, developing, work-oriented, but fun, at the same time. All in one! Google organizes themed events, happy hours, birthday parties, baby showers and engagement celebrations and different competitions for its employees. It provides them with a relaxing environment where they can take a quick power nap, fitness classes, massage therapy, free snacks and beverages during the day, free breakfast and lunch, hair salon, discount ticket sales, car wash and vehicle maintenance, banking, personal concierge service and subsidized public transportation. Google covers health insurance and different comprehension programs. This company supports employee’s development and rewards them. Employees are free to speak to managers and exchange ideas and information within the organization. The leadership team is honest, good at running the business and approachable. Google supports community through paid time to volunteer and give philanthropic donations. Employees feel good, because they create technology to make life easier and better for everyone. They are proud of working there. What a great place to work for!

2. The Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group is a global consulting company specializing in business strategy and general management. This company offers great challenges, great atmosphere, great rewards, immense pride, exceptional communication and amiable bosses. This company gives its employees the ability to take a Social Impact Leave of Absence for 3 to 12 months, paid or unpaid sabbaticals, flexible schedule and a telecommuting option. Two awards are interesting: Polaris Award and Fun Awards. The first award is for consulting project teams that delivered quantifiable value to their clients and the second one is for humorous employees. Hard work, long hours and dedicated employees mark the workplace in this company.


Acuity is an insurance company that provides personal and commercial products. This company can boast: no limit on tuition reimbursement, sick days paid for full-time employees, a healthy 401(k) plan, and an 8 percent contribution to that plan, profit sharing, happy holidays, celebrations and stress relievers. Employees describe this company as a very generous company.

4. SAS Institute

SAS entrance

SAS is an American software company, which helps companies to manage, access, analyze and report on data to aid decision making. Employees of SAS plant more than 3,800 flowers every year, which is a very interesting action. They can enjoy generous benefits, natatorium, health and fitness centre, courses, on-site library and informational services, a pharmacy, take-home meals on a regular daily basis, a lot of on-site health benefits and banking. SAS has a program for new hires which includes other employees taking them to lunch and showing them around the campus. These words come up a lot when you think of its employees: friendly, welcoming and unique.

5. Robert W. Baird


Robert W. Baird is an international company that provides financial services which include investment banking, capital markets, private equity, wealth management and asset management. Professional atmosphere and collaboration are important here. This company offers employee stock purchase plan for its employees.

6. Edward Jones

One of the largest financial services company, Edward Jones, through a network of more than 12,000 financial advisors located in more than 11,000 offices around the country, helps individuals reach their serious, long-term financial goals and investment strategies. This company invests in its employees through different trainings, guidance and work/life balance they need to thrive.

7. Wegmans Food Markets

wegmans marketplace

This company is the best grocery store in America with 85 stores across America.  It is a family-owned super market chain with welcoming, hard-working and supportive employees. This company offers tuition reimbursement, health care premiums, flexible hours and positive environment with exercise programs and charitable projects.

All these companies have great challenges, great atmosphere, motivating rewards, numerous perks, interactive communication and charming bosses and employees that are very proud of working there and loyal to their companies. Reading about these companies, I make a wish to be a part of one of them or a part of a company where the workplace environment is similar to these conditions. What about you?

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