Invaluable tools for running a business

After being in business for some time, you begin to discover some tricks, technology, and tools that you can use to make your entrepreneurial life way easier. In fact, after discovering them, you start wondering how you have been surviving without them. The following are some of the top tools you can use to not only run your business but also take it to higher heights:


Ontraport is one the top tools that can help you successfully run and grow your business to greater heights. It is formerly known as Office Auto Pilot. Simply put, Ontraport is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform specifically designed effectively to serve small business enterprises. This technology lets you structure your contact with individuals based on ‘If/Then’ scenarios.

They apply to both activity and mailing on your website. The endless possibilities that you can do with this tool base purely on the product or services you offer and the actions your contact takes. Simply put, you are in total control. Ontraport gives you the utmost ability to systemize thus helping you save substantially when it comes to time.

Lastly, this technology helps you effortlessly to manage affiliates, payments, and memberships.


With the numerous devices in the market, coupled with a mobile working environment, the Evernote app keeps track of everything you do. Regardless of where you are, if you have a new to do item, idea or thought, you just need to open Evernote and do your thing – record a note, write anything you wish and/or take a picture to exemplify the item.

Regardless of the device you are working on, you can have instant access to the notes. While you can continue using your notebook and pen for meeting notes or project planning and other things, this app remains the best for jotting down tasks or ideas quickly. With this tool you can remain organized and on track.

Google Drive

One tool that you cannot afford to live without is Google Drive. Do you hate or dread emailing your clients using a word document only to send them a revised version. This back and forth often results to confusion about the newest version. The good thing is that with Google Drive, you can easily share documents with all your clients by the mere click of a button. Are you worried that your clients do not have a clue about using Google Drive? Well, worry no more; you can train them (it will only take some few minutes for them to understand). With this tool, you don’t have to email docs no more – you only need to modify the documents online and you are good to go.

This tool will definitely change the way your clients do their business. takes all your paperwork, reminders, guesswork, approvals, and filing out of paying bills. This tool is simply an accounting interface that every entrepreneur should have. Not only does its interface bring with it all the favorite accounting software such as QuickBooks, but also most importantly, it is extremely easy to use. Actually, all business owners will definitely fall in love with this tool. What is more is that it is all in the cloud – storing all your bills, receipts and all other documents you need at no additional cost.

Google HOA (Hangouts on Air)

You will have no limit to the value that Google HOA can bring to your business. With this tool, you will reap considerable benefits. The manner in which you used to conduct business will change for the best. So what is Google HOA? It is right to compare this tool to a private TV show where you usually broadcast your webcam to the entire world. The perk with this tool is that you can invite more than nine other guests to your show.

Regardless of the nature of your business, this tool can surely be magical. Culinary chefs, social media specialists, homeschooling experts, violin artists and real estate agents can all use Google HOA. By learning how to use this tool, you will surely reap maximum benefits.

Readability test tool

The Readability test tool is an excellent test tool for writers. An incredible attribute about this tool is that it is extremely comprehensive and user friendly. What is more is that it is also highly flexible. Flexibility comes in the fact that you can test a whole web page or just part of the page’s content. Upon entering the content (either direct input or URL), you shall see the content’s average grade level, various statistics, major readability test scores and brief analysis. The readability test tool enables you to see how much of your content needs editing real time. This is an invaluable tool for tool for both offline and online copywriting.

TweetDeck, HootSuite, and Pocket

Are you looking for an incredible tool to schedule or send out updates on your posts across numerous platforms? Have you been looking for a tool that will help you get and sort information real time? Then look no further. TweetDeck and HootSuite are your ideal choices. Pocket helps you to ‘file’ article that you read online for later use. You can use it to keep track of your posts and save them.

Professional Bookkeeper

Once your business starts to grow and rake in huge revenues, there is dire need to hire a professional for purposes of managing your payroll and books. For sure, it will surely pay off significantly in operational costs. At the end of the year, you will have saved countless taxes from the properly classified write-offs.

Running a business can turn out to be challenging. This is especially true if you lack the necessary tools to boost your business initiatives. Use the above the tools to make running of your business not only easy but also manageable and professional.


Charlie Brown is a venture capitalist. In addition to running his successful business, charlie shares his tips and experiences with young entrepreneurs from all over the world. Learn more about debt reviews from him by visiting his blog.

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