Boost Your Business Sales with Video Meetings

With video conferencing technologies that offer quick connections, along with systems that are simple to install and easy to use, there’s simply no reason why your business sales should suffer in this day and age. Take advantage of web based solutions like Blue Jeans to get this done. From getting quick feedback on design and changes to learning how to pull off the perfect sales meeting with video conferencing technology, Blue Jeans has you covered.

Brainstorm with Key People

To survive, a business must have continuous growth. One way to keep this going is to ensure open lines of communication among members of your top management committee. However, in view of recent economic downturns, spending too much on travel costs just to bring your people together might end up hurting, rather than helping along, your bottom line.

However, there’s no mistaking the business value of face to face interaction, an observation noted in an article published by the Tech Radar, dated May of last year. This is one reason for the rising demand for unified communication platforms in the market. Users, a great many of which are millennials entering the workforce, demand an integrated system, one that combines social media messaging, emails and instant messaging with web conferencing. It’s a dinosaur of a system, packing a lot of features and all of them useful, all of them designed to encourage collaboration and engagement.

Physically absent, mentally present

Foremost among these is the high definition video conferencing capability. Given the fine video quality possible, management teams no longer have to travel through miles just to get to a meeting. These meetings can now happen online, via video. Here, they can spend the next few hours brainstorming ideas involving marketing strategies, campaign initiatives, process updates and system modifications all without leaving the office, their state or country. With regular meetings, top management executives and managers now have more time to iron out problems in their sales-model or any other point of the sales funnel.

Rapid Feedback in Teams

Meetings provide one of the best venues for asking and giving feedback. But how do you go about making that happen when half of your team works on the east and the other half on the west? That’s another way video conferencing rides to the rescue of businesses.

An article from Mashable, published last 2011, notes how immediate feedback is one of the best advantages that users can get from video conferencing. That’s an accurate observation. Faster feedback means speedier turn-around times for plans, initiatives and product designs.

Collaboration determines solutions

In terms of improving your sales, allowing all team members to discuss the matter via video conferencing is convenient and cost-effective. Remote and offsite teams can also join in on the process. For instance, try presenting the company’s sales model to the teams. Then ask for feedback. Then keep those comments in mind when you work on the next set of changes for the plan. Repeat the process until you get it right—or until your sales improve.

Picking the technology that works best

Doing this by email and instant messaging, though possible, isn’t really that convenient. Too many people in a group could lead to cumbersome, bulky chat conversations that do nothing to generate value. Also, consider the time it takes to write than to talk about changes or explain minute modifications. Video is faster than email and text messaging in this regard.

There’s also the matter of body language and facial cues to consider. Since debates are going to be inevitable, it’s easier to gauge a coworker’s feelings involving a particular revision in video rather than in text. Words can sometimes come off as abrupt, terse, or worse, angry. Via video conferencing, it’s much easier for everyone to explain and discuss changes, without worrying about being misread or misunderstood.

Build Consumer Engagement with Videos

This is one way to keep track of your customers. Try to check up on your clients on a regular basis. Sending them promotional content through email, instant messaging channels and social media platforms are all earmarks of a good marketing plan.

However, checking up on them by way of live videos—and not just sending them pre-recorded ones—goes a long way to ensuring and sustaining brand recall. You could also ask them for feedback, comments and suggestions via video. Try sending them birthday and holiday greetings, too.

That’s taking your marketing and business model a notch further. With video conferencing, you’re securing consumer engagement. After all, people pay more attention to someone when they can see who it is they’re talking to, rather than to a letter, email or text.

Adapt video conferencing into your marketing plans, put these plans into practice and watch your sales figures climb.

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Four Essential Ways for Small Businesses to Boost Sales through Digital Marketing

When it comes to increasing sales, nothing can compare to the power of the internet. Whether you have a local place of business or an online global presence, there is no better way to reach millions of people, literally overnight. Small businesses looking to boost sales should really investigate how to accomplish that through digital marketing. Here are four essential ways for small businesses to boost sales through digital marketing.

1) Go Mobile

Recent statistics indicate that more people shop from their mobile devices than they do from their home PCs. In fact, it is such a huge portion of the market that Google even changed their algorithms to better serve mobile searchers. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, now is the time to act. Make sure your online marketing is mobile friendly. Not only will you rank better with the search giant, but you will reach a significant portion of your market that you would have otherwise missed out on.

2) Online Discounts & Vouchers

Another great way to boost sales online through digital marketing is to advertise great savings with online discounts and vouchers not available at physical locations. People love a bargain and when they feel like they are getting a product at a saving they wouldn’t get at their local retailer, they will jump on the chance to save money. You can even find out which discounts and vouchers to offer with online tools that show in real time UK retail spending trends. This is perhaps the best way to boost sales based on buying trends.

3) Social Media

It has become almost cliché to hear marketers saying “We are social creatures.” But, in reality, that is exactly what we are. Marketing experts tell us that people will spend more money with someone they trust than from some unknown person or entity. In other words, they aren’t really spending money as much on your product as they are on you. If they trust you after having built a relationship through social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) they may even pay more for your goods than they would at another shop. Why? Again, the trust factor. Social media is great for establishing trust and if you don’t employ this as part of your digital marketing, you are losing a huge portion of the buying public.

4) Pictures, Videos and Infographics

Finally, people want to see what they are buying. Use pictures, videos and infographics to display products and to show why a consumer should buy them. Many innovative ecommerce sites have gone to 360 panoramic views of products so that viewers can see all sides in one shot. This is especially important in the fashion industry as the shopper can see both the front and the back of a garment as opposed to a stock shot of that item in a box.

Again, whether you are looking to build foot traffic in a physical location or to increase online sales, there is nothing like the broad and rapid reach of the information superhighway, the internet. Use these four essential ways to boost sales and you will see just how quickly digital marketing campaigns can make a difference.

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