Top Travel Tips for On-the-Go Business Executives

If your work demands you to often travel a lot, you need to be far more organized than the ones having a desk job. Working at client sites, visits to the branch offices, and travelling for numerous business reasons have made it imperative for the On- the-Go business executives to be efficiently organized to ensure their productivity never decreases.

There are a few great travel tips that can help the ones living out of the suitcase to enhance and maintain their output.

Travel Light- Keep disposables with you
Carrying heavy luggage every time you travel is a big hassle. Try to travel as light as possible. Disposables come in handy for travelling. These use and throw items help you to lighten your luggage to a great extent. Agreed, it’s not possible every time you travel, but whenever it is possible, do it, as it will help you create more space in your bag to accommodate other things.

Keep your essentials always in your travel bag
If you are a frequent business traveler, the last thing you want is to pack and unpack your bags every time. It’s always better to keep a spare of all your essentials such as toiletries, charging cables, and other important all- the- time- needed accessories always packed in your bag. The least you have to pack, the better it is. Don’t forget to check and replace the empty ones every once in a while.

Be a tech savvy and do your research
Getting to know the world is increasingly becoming easier. Thanks to the World Wide Web, researching about the place you are going to is now a matter of just a few clicks. Get to know the places to go around your hotel, the emergency numbers, the etiquettes and rules for tourists (especially in the Middle Eastern countries), the visa regulations and currency value and exchange etc. are some of the vital information that you can get in a matter of minutes.

Always carry a party and a casual clothing
No matter how short is your trip, a formal party dress and comfortable casual clothing should always be a part of your clothing. Casual clothing like a simple tee and jeans can be super useful in case of a small outing time that you may get during your official trip. Similarly, an impromptu invite for an office party in the evening will not give you a panic attack and force you to run to stores to buy a dress.

Always carry your own internet and voice access
The place you are travelling may have a great or a pathetic speed of internet, you never know! Why take a chance and repent? Instead, always carry your own on-the-go access with you. It will not only give you the freedom of being connected wherever you are with your family and loved ones but also help you in your office work.

Eat and Sleep Right
Especially if you have a long travel schedule or long flight schedule, your sleep pattern can take a toll and thus, affect your energy meter. It is always great to plan your sleeping and eating pattern ahead. For example, if you have a long flight it’s good to change in your pajamas, eat on time and brush your teeth and then board the flight so that you maximize your sleep timings. Similarly, it’s best to avoid late nights if you have to catch an early morning flight, no matter how tempting the party may be, because improper sleep is sure to affect your mood and your overall attitude for work the next day.

Don’t confuse between a ‘Direct flight’ and a ‘Non-stop flight’
Lot many times there is confusion between a direct and nonstop flight. Saving your precious time is crucial when you are on frequent business trips. Know the difference. A direct flight might stop, the only difference is that you don’t have to switch the planes but you will still have to wait inside it, but a non- stop flight won’t stop and will help you reach your destination much early. Selecting a non-stop flight over a direct flight always helps.

Be loyal to one flight carrier, your chances of upgradation are higher
Yes! Frequent fliers always stand a better chance of free upgradation than others. The same case applies in hotels too. If your business trips need you to go the same place frequently, book with the same hotel. And most importantly, if you are a regular there, never hesitate to ask if there’s a chance for upgradation. They are mostly happy to oblige their regular customers.

Keep your bag in an organized manner
If you are a frequent flier, it is best to keep your check in baggage and your cabin baggage in a neat and organized manner. It’s a common scene with some flyers who keep the long queue of flyers waiting at the aisle while they shuffle through their cabin baggage to find what they need. Keep your books, and other accessories needed for flight in a separate section. Similarly, your luggage should have your accessories likes socks, undergarments etc in a different section, cosmetics separately and clothes in a different section to avoid any last minute delays.

Kindness and being nice goes a long way
Believe it or not, being nice to a person who is used to listening complaints the whole day can instantly lift the spirit of the person and in turn yours too. Many of the frequent fliers have admitted that being nice, saying thank you and smiling gets them extra attention from the staff and many a times upgrades too. But the key is to not do it to get upgrades but to do it to make your travel a less taxing and more enjoyable.

For most working in the corporate world, business travel is an unavoidable evil. When you know you can’t avoid it, it’s best to get the most out of your endeavors. These tips will help you in many ways to make your travel a lot easier and hassle-free. You might know many of them but even a gentle reminder can help start doing what you always knew but still wasn’t doing till now

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