How Well Do You Sell?

Conversions are the end product; no way, we can avoid that argument. The question though is not of how to convert: it is of how well can you convert. Converting well is an art, like any kind of well executed business process. But how does one recognize, measure or otherwise gauge how are they faring in this tricky art? If you have bones about the fact that digital marketing does work in as much complication then that’s one topic you can always research more on. The complication for marketers today is not getting conversions done, it’s knowing whether their customers are going home happy or not.

Selling online is easy, selling well is not. Selling well can mean two things really, either your products or services are being sold in tens and hundreds daily or your customer becomes happy with you and you have a constant stream of revenue from a few possible customers. The rest of the gritty details are what we can refer to as extras which can enhance or sometimes destabilize our working flows. As a marketer though, you want to be able to realize what these details are because they can further help us in optimizing the conversion part of our sales campaign.

PR campaigns

Lot of the marketers around the optimization niche recognizes PR as the kind of pivot which a business must adopt in order to establish a more concrete selling policy. PR has taken a new turn though because while readers love blogs where the writers and admins take effort to answer each individual comment, the mass of the building has gone to the social media. Answering the tweets, retweeting the important ones and updating information regularly not only promotes your written article, it also builds positive value for the audience.

Using CTAs

Calls to actions have been around since marketing itself. In fact, it’s debatable as to what came first. Digitally, your one good CTA can make quite a difference in how well you convert your leads to sales or subscription. Remember how performable increase their revenue by 21% just by changing the color of the CTA button.

What surprises people often about CTAs though is how often they can easily end up creating a lot of leads for their websites but no actual conversions, which brings me to the next part of my equation.

Feedback tools

Chat software and heat maps serve an integral part of this conversation. Each serve a different purpose in terms of the data they give and yet the data they end up presenting serves to be equally important. The key driving action behind feedback is improvement. Any feedback you get from your customers can give you a better chance to improve your site’s action. Plus, with tools like live chat and heatmaps you can literally drive your traffic to the point of active conversions. The key highlight is to always note the driving motivator behind your high performing site areas though and then work on the rest of your site according to your findings.

How do you put all this together?

Marketing is a composition game at the end of the day. I can give out a thousand tools and share insights by a thousand gurus but the key to any successful marketing campaign is composition. Your content, your collateral and your website have to make impact, period.

Impact however is only the beginning, once the traffic comes in the thousands and once the content gets read by even more that’s the stage where you need to accurately sum up what you have been doing with the traffic.

As it is though, selling is an art of common sense. Cater to the needs and requirements of the audience and that’s your branding done, go the extra step with their needs and they convert.

Rocket Science? It’s not but then the many variances and complications within it make it fascinating and determine the good marketers from the exceptional ones.

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