14 Powerhouse Tips to Build Trust on Your Landing Page

Building a lead capture landing page is not just a matter of inserting a form on a page and driving traffic to it. You can always use this strategy, but do not put your hopes so high because it wouldn’t perform well. The foundation of your landing page should be built on trust.

Try these 14 powerhouse tips and create a high-performance landing page fully optimized specifically for gathering leads.

1. Know your target market and set your marketing goals

You need to know who you are marketing to, otherwise, every strategy you will execute will be in vain. Build a database of all your existing customers, leads in your email, and prospects. Then, start to expose fresh content or product demos that may turn them from fence sitters into real and active customers. Nurture them with more content, events, and special offers that would spun their interest.

2. Write an enticing intro paragraph

Make it clear what people should understand about your service by writing a short yet persuasive introduction paragraph. This should serve as an extension of your headline and an appetizer to your bulleted content. Make each word as descriptive as possible to ensure an enticing atmosphere.

3. Address key benefits and advantages through bullet points

Given how little time visitors spend on most web pages, you only have a few seconds to garner their interest. After grabbing their attention via your headline, you need to dig into some simple benefit statements. Instead of rambling on in long paragraphs, state the benefits of signing up to your website in bullet points.

4. Be consistent in your brand and message

Your banner, landing page, and destination should belong in the same family or you will lose the opportunity to make your business grow. Ensure that your visual design complements your banner and landing page. Don’t play with the color palette and typography just because you feel like it. Show professionalism in your website layout by practicing consistency and coherence.

5. Offer something free in advance

Give something away for free in advance before asking for personal details in exchange. It could be a small portion of the materials you are providing, a newsletter, or a catalog. If what you are giving away is valuable and worth the trouble, this will greatly augment conversion rate.

6. Avoid gimmicky sales tactics

The web is already filled with irrelevant sales tactics. No matter how much you feel the desperate you are for clients and you feel like this is the perfect time to use the “Buy now to avail the best deal ever,” do not do it. Remember that authenticity rules. People are on the lookout for something trustworthy in the web and they are starting to learn when web pages are telling the truth or not.

7. Refrain from using pop ups or pop-unders

Pop ups are the easiest way to shame. Unless you want your customer base to leave you for a company with more integrity, do not give in to this cheap tactic. Pop ups and the like only promise slight and short term improvement in conversion.

8. Present verifiable facts

Bold claims about your product or service may extract anxiety on the part of your visitor. If what you are promising isn’t 100% true,don’t publish it on your web because you will eventually be caught.

9. Never underestimate the power of testimonials

Testimonials from real people are credible. Interview your previous clients. Never place overwhelming and exaggerated statements by personas grabbed from stock photo sites.Might as well, ask one of your loyal clients to share their personal experience on your web page. This will make people trust you and believe that you have affected someone else life.

10. Attach all relevant certification logos

This is an effective strategy to garner trust. If you have an association or affiliation with trusted companies, wear their logos proudly on your sleeve. Use relevant and well-known brands that have the same visions and missions as you.

11. Shout professionalism all throughout your landing page

The World Wide Web works like this: the more expensive and corporate you look, the more people will be likely to believe your cause. You still need interesting content, but a killer layout with picture perfect design.

12. Use endorsements to build reputation

If you are affiliated with famous people such as celebrities or known experts, make them endorse your product or service. Their endorsements will help your company build credibility. People are willing to spend a grand because the celebrities promoting it are placing their credibility on the line.

13. Stop extracting information you don’t really need

If certain information is not critical to product or service being requested on your landing page, then don’t risk scaring people away by getting irrelevant information. These data will not be of any good use to you anyway.

14. Show your contact details

Make sure that your visitors know that they have someone to contact for queries. Post your contact information, including your phone number, mobile number, and email address. It also shows that you are legitimate and there are real people behind the website.

Apply these tips and you are on to a successful marketing campaign.

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