Top Ecommerce Tips To Implement For Better Online Customer Experience

Quality goods are no longer sufficient to stay competitive in the digital era. Nowadays consumers have many buying options to choose from and tend to stay loyal to the brands that provide exceptional customer experience. According to Forrester, 73% of consumers would like to buy more where they had a positive customer experience. What exactly you can do to win customers and improve relationships with customers across the entire customer journey? What kind of new tools you can incorporate into your business processes to achieve higher level of customer satisfaction and increased up-selling opportunities? Read on for some Top Ecommerce Tips…

To stay competitive, you should craft strategies taking into account what is trendy and upcoming.

If you are not aware of the emerging trends in the ecommerce field, here are some suggestions to help you revise the basics to achieve superior customer support experience for your online store:

Software for managing online communities

One of the most cost-effective ways of strengthening relations with customers is to build active and supportive community of brand advocates. Online community software solutions can help brands to build and manage their communities online. Such web-based tools, like can help you facilitate the conversations between brands and customers, provide a more engaging support experience, build better products reviews, increase SEO and, finally, improve customer loyalty.

Combination of big data and CRM

Another trend to watch for in the ecommerce space are tools that help companies examine the large volumes of data to help them in making data-driven decisions. When taking into consideration customer data, big data refers to large amounts of either transactional data or analytical data. With the help of CRM the information can be structured in various ways for the different purposes: design, pricing decisions or demand forecasting. Ecommerce businesses struggle to make sense of big data because of its volume, the speed in which it should be collected and the great variety of channels it encircles. While big data technology is cheaper due to the open source tools, main spending is connected to CRM implementation to collect and analyze a complex data. The CRM solution is required to have powerful data collection capabilities as well as the ability to get the information from different sources, like bpm’online CRM does.

Multiple sales channels

Nowadays customer browsing is not limited to a single website so ecommerce business owners can consider setting up multiple storefronts to get new clients and better manage customer service. The idea is to welcome customers from multiple channels, building sites for the different target audiences.  When online stores are ready to create multiple storefronts, can be an example of the software solution that support multiple storefronts.

Free Return

Free shipping has always been appealing for online shoppers. Now free shipping and free return is a proven tactic to turn buyers into repeat customers. was the first store who offered free shipping and return as part of their loyalty program, but in most cases, the consumer still has to pay for return shipping. Offering free return shipping is one of the hottest ecommerce trends, which is becoming popular now among customers. If an online store can offer free returns, it can show the customers not only the confidence about the products, but also the flexibility and great attitude towards customers.

Online shopping has been growing and retailers should look for new reasons to attract shoppers to spend more. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, ecommerce business might employ more sophisticated tools and facilities to make online shopping a lot more efficient and engaging for their customers.

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