Let the Experts Keep your Payroll Up to Date

It is hard for employers to keep up to date with budget changes. By outsourcing your payroll to Tailored Payroll you don’t have to worry about how to implement or explain changes in Tax to your employees. Here at Tailored Payroll we ensure your payroll is processed accurately and on-time while ensuring compliance with Revenue, Department of Social Protection and NEARA.

One of the main changes for 2015 is the change in USC rates and thresholds on PAYE Income.

2015 Rates:

On the first €12,012    1.50%
On the next €5,564     3.50%
On the next €52,468     7%
On the balance    8%

Any individual who believes their income for USC purposes will not exceed €12,012 in 2015 can apply to Revenue for a USC exemption before the new tax year begins.

Contact Tailored Payroll today for a competitive price. Our flexible service includes:
•    PAYE,PRSI and USC Calculations
•    Registration of Employer with Revenue
•    All employer  Revenue submissions to include: P30’s,P45’s, P35, P60’s and registration of
new employees
•    We provide email Payslips and  P60s to employees
•    Creation of Bank file for payment to employees
•    No hidden costs

For more information about this business visit their website or email to payroll@tailoredpayroll.ie. Tailored Payroll is part of Use SBC as a channel initiative. If you want your business to be featured, click here.

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