ToyPing wants to change the way we buy toys

Selecting toys can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. ToyPing aims to be the solution to that struggle.
Ciaran Sheridan, CEO and one of the founders of Galway firm, ToyPing, outlines his vision to revolutionise toy buying by empowering parents “to quickly and confidently make informed toy purchases from the most comprehensive product portfolio, based on their child’s interests, age and stage of development”.
“We’re all familiar with the parental frustration of time and money invested in a toy, which is discarded after only one play. In today’s information overloaded world, customers deserve an individualised toy search service to enable fast discovery and certain purchases that will delight and develop their kids,” said Ciaran.
“If ToyPing became a verb for the term used when someone wants to quickly discover a toy, then we have succeeded. It’s that simple.”
Three simple steps
ToyPing has developed an intuitive user experience, underpinned by a suite of smart search algorithms to instantly give customers a personalised and constantly evolving curated selection from over 1.2 million toys on Amazon. 

In three simple steps, customers are presented with a curated list of up to 18 toys to match their child’s interests, age and price criteria. Clicking on one of the toys will take customers directly to the Amazon website, where they can securely and “confidently” complete their purchase.
“We decided from the outset that we would invest in developing deep learning technology and customer acquisition channels, rather than in owning the stock. We secured an affiliate partnership with Amazon, the best global fulfilment company in the world, and this gave us access to the most comprehensive product range.”
“Toyping plans to launch in the US at the start of  2018, and it has already lined up the US affiliate partnership.”
Deep learning capabilities
The company website launched in May 2017, and it

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